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Odd Steering Mk1.5 Focus

25 June 2013 - 10:09 PM

Hi there


I am new to this forum and am i need of some help/advise of a fustrating steering issue. 

Gradually the steeriing on my focus mk1 has become inaccurate and iconsistent. When turning right the steering feels vague and floaty, when turning left it feels sharp but heavy and needs constant steering corrections on the wheel to keep it where its going. 

I have tried changing the front tyres to cure this but had no luck, have renewd Power steering fluid but no much difference. I have had a garage check the steering and claimed there was some play in the ball joints only to have 2 other mechanics say that there is no sign of wear and all seems fine.


Some days the steering is better than others but i have noticed that it has developed a strange rumbling/rubbing noise around 25mph + from the front wheels. Im not sure if this is related but sounds like how maybe a worn bearing would sound. The car has done 100k miles and is 1.6 Zetec. 

if anyone could advise me with what this could be so i have some sort of idea and can norrow things down, would be much appreciated.