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Newbie - My 'new' Motor

28 December 2013 - 06:59 PM

Hi all,
First of all a bit of an introduction.
I've never really been interested in cars, However this all changed around June time which was when my old Focus Ghia (54 plate) needed a new Cat, so I decided to get rid and buy a Focus Sport 2.0 Diesel. Shortly after buying it I visited this forum for the first time and it was from then on that the modification bug set in!.........needless to say I'm forever working overtime :0) 
Here are the 'mods' completed so far. Also attached some photos below of the exterior.
Aux cable installed.
Brodit I Phone holder
Mondeo sunglasses holder
Passenger roof handle sunglasses holder
Interior lights changed to LED
Aluminium Focus door sills
Upgraded to Focus Titanium Sony single disk CD player
Leather ST Recaro seats

Recaro seat back protectors

Rear seat bolt covers
Single front Interior light changed to one with Map lights 
Carbon fibre (Titanium Grey) center console, ashtray, stereo surround 
Ford Mats with Aluminium S Ford badges
Heated seat switches

Triangular metal surround trim for heater vents

Upgraded heater dials

S sticker on steering wheel spoke

Headlight eyebrows installed and colour coded
Fog surrounds and bonnet lip colour coded
LH Drive rear fog light 
Washer jets colour coded
K&N Air filter
Ford logo dust caps and aluminium valve covers
Parking sensors
Bumper vents painted Red
S badge on front grille
Calipers painted Red
Exhaust twin tailpipe

Zetec and TDCI badges removed
Future Mods;
I'm currently in the process of modding a S lower grille so that I can install a Honeycomb style mesh to match the ST upper grille that I've bought.
I'm also in the process of installing vanity lights, and a rear Interior light. I've also just ordered a rubber boot liner and I'm also going to purchase a full size spare alloy.
Plan to get it remapped when funds allow ;0)
Exterior lights changed to LED
Got to get the heated seats connected as well.
Hopefully if I get chance tomorrow I will add a couple of photos of the Interior - I've got to clean and Hoover it first :0)

Any comments, suggestions, or questions welcome. 
Stuart :0)

New Interior Light Wiring Loom Install - Key Not Detected

21 December 2013 - 08:19 PM

Help needed please......... There's a bit of a story so bare with me please.

I own a Focus Sport 2.0 Diesel on a 60 plate.

It has a keyless entry/start system.

Here's the problem......

I wanted to add a rear (interior) light so that when putting my son in his car seat I could see what I was doing.
I know I could've gone down the splicing route but,

A) I didn't have a clue how to do this


B) I didn't fancy cutting into the original loom as I wasn't confident.

With that in mind I went to Gates of Harlow (Ford Main Dealer) and I purchased a new interior light wiring loom - which is for the Focus Titanium 2.0, the same year 2010, with keyless entry/start - this loom provided me with the wiring for the rear light and also vanity lights (the sport loom just has wiring for the front light only) the new loom works fine (all the lights work) however, the first problem is now the car isn't recognising the key, I've tried the spare key and it's the same.
After further investigation it looks like the key isn't recognising the little black sensor in the roof lining or vice versa although when I put the original loom back everything works fine again. From what I've read on the net it looks like that perhaps the key(s) need(s) to be reprogrammed to the car to accommodate the new wiring loom? With this in mind I took the plastic ignition cap off only to find another black plastic surround with a slot for the key, but here's the other problem the key (on both sets) doesn't work in the ignition (the key will not turn) but the key(s) unlock the doors and bonnet with no problems, so am I missing a key specifically designed for the ignition only? or does this other plastic cover need to be removed with a bit of force in order to expose the metal ignition barrel?

Going back to why the key is not being detected......I've looked at the new loom and compared it to my old one and all the wires that are on the connector blocks (which plug into the fuse box) are the same colours and all the wires are in the same positions on the block connector, so on that basis the lead is the correct one.

I hope I've made sense? In short the dash is showing key not detected with the new loom even though it appears to be the correct one, as a result it looks like the key needs to be reprogrammed but neither key fits the ignition.

Any help would be much appreciated,



Help Needed Please

15 November 2013 - 07:01 PM

Right sit tight gang, here we go.......

I've got a Focus (2.0L Diesel) Sport on a 10 plate.

When it's dark it's difficult trying to put my boy in his car seat and strapping him in, so I bought (from a scrap yard out of a Titanium 08 plate) a rear interior light with wiring loom. I thought that whilst I was at it I may as well fit the sun visor/map lights as well. However when wired up the lights all worked but not the keyfob/Push button start (I'm guessing the titanium was the wrong loom)

Today I've called two local Ford dealership who've been as much as help as a chocolate teapot (computer says no etc)

First question..... does anybody have the same car as me with the rear interior and sun visor lights? If so is there any chance you could get me the part number from the wiring loom please (this is on a label which is attached to the plug that goes in to the internal fuse box in the passenger footwell area) please? Or failing that could I borrow the registration number so I can then purchase the correct loom.

What I don't want to do is purchase another loom out of a Titanium (10 plate this time) and find it doesn't work because mines a Sport. I could purchase the loom from Fords but if it's the wrong loom I'm stuck with a £70 white elephant as it's a special order so I can't return it if it's wrong.

The other option is to 'splice' in to the existing loom but have t got a clue how to do this plus I feel confident about doing this.

Anyway sorry for the long post, any help would be appreciated.

Focus Rear Courtesy Light Install

08 November 2013 - 08:38 PM

I'm sure I saw a how to guide regarding a rear courtesy light install, however I can't seem to find it.

Can somebody point me in the right direction on how to do this please? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

Focus Mk 2.5 Heated Seat Problem

04 August 2013 - 04:08 PM

Hi all,

I need some help please so here goes......

I've got a Focus Zetec Sport (Diesel) on a 10 plate. I've swapped the standard seats for full Leather Recaro's (these came out of a ST 59 plate) looking at the wiring loom (from the seat's) it would appear they're heated (they have the Blue & Green connection) I've bought the relevant switches, (I've got two sets and I've tried them both) taken the dash apart and it appears the wiring is in place. I've plugged the wiring connectors into the switches, however the switches are not illuminating and the seats aren't getting warm/hot. I've checked the Fuse box behind the glove box and it appears the relevant fuse is in place - Fuse 121? I've also swapped this 20 amp fuse for another just in case, bit still no luck.

I'm guessing that as the switches aren't illuminating the problem has got to be due to no power reaching them?

P.S not sure if this is relevant but it's keyless entry.

Thanks all!!