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In Topic: 2001 Fiesta Heating Problem

31 January 2014 - 10:15 AM

Used some rad flush and let it soak for half a day then flushed it backwards and forwards with the hose. Got no end of crud out of there. I got it clear to a stage where I could fill it with water from the top using a funnel when before I started I couldnt even get anything in there at all. I was looking aroumd to see if I could find the matrix capacity so I could check it's holding what it should.

In Topic: 2001 Fiesta Heating Problem

30 January 2014 - 03:40 PM

Update. So today I completely re flushed the system and filled up with new coolant. Still no hot air. Water into the heater matrix is roasting hot and the return feed is onlu warm. If I disconnect the return hose I get a nice steady flow of hot water and warm air in the cabin as soon as I re attach the hose the air goes cold. Now that return pipe leads straight back to a branch in the bottom hose near the water pump. Is there a chance this hose could be.partially blocked thus not allowing a good flow through the matrix. Altho I thought if this was the case the engine would overheat. The only other thing I havent tried is completely bypassing the heater control valve and seeing what happens.
Any suggestions at this point would be great as it's driving me crazy.