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In Topic: Advice Need - Ford Focus

Yesterday, 06:14 PM

with the climate pack you get the heated front windscreen


Forgot about that!


Love the heated windscreen. Its one of the most useful features I have ever had on a car. 

In Topic: What Wipers????

02 August 2015 - 12:28 AM

Thanks Lenny for the posts there :) . I have the exact same ones that you posted up but I wasn't overall impressed with them. They where great for the first few months but then started to smear ect.


Come to think of it maybe i should try that clay bar on the glass as I'm wondering when I get a wash at the local car wash when it rinses it goes to a wax spray and I try not to spray it on the windows but maybe its running from the roof and coating the window screen which then is hard to clean?????


The only other thing I can think of is when I'm detailing the car I do the wiper arms (not the blades just the metal parts) with the Autoglym vinyl and rubber care by spraying it on a cloth and wiping them over to keep them black looking and maybe when it rains ect water is washing it onto the front window screen glass.


The clay bar might get all dirt and grime of the glass.  :unsure:

In Topic: What Wipers????

01 August 2015 - 02:26 PM

Thanks fellas for the top tips


Yes I am made sure the glass is clean but wipers still smear. I tries cleaning with vinegar and other things like soapy water ect so I think I will just replace with the ford ones. I though the Bosch would of been a good set though but I guess its just my luck lol!


does anyone have a part number for the ford wipers front and rear one?


also is Amazon the cheapest? their new free delivery only on over £20 spends sucks now.

In Topic: Focus Mk2 Cam Belt

31 July 2015 - 04:07 PM



After reading the previous posts I thought someone may be able to help


I currently have my 2009 ford focus in fords at the moment with the intention to have all three belts replaced, those being aux belt top belt and wet belt as the car has done 122000 miles and sounds a bit rough.


The ford dealers rang me up today to tell me that good news I don't need to do the wet belt as it's a chain and doesn't need changing.

After reading a lot of post i'm pretty sure there's not much chance of mine having a chain as after 2008 it reverted to the wet belt set up.


I said how did they know its a chain and they said that's what the parts desk said and haven't physically looked.


I thought ok if it is a chain then it should still be changed according to etis at 10 years 125000 miles but they are saying the chain never needs to be touched.



Can anyone confirm what I have just said is correct as the only reason I put it in a dealers mainly was to get the wet belt changed. I could of got the other belts changed easily elsewhere.


Any help would be great as the car is still in the dealers will tomorrow


I would say they know alright,  because at the parts department they are bound to have run your cars vin through the ford system and it should bring up everything regarding the cars build to the type of parts used ect. If you where unsure you could always ring a different ford dealer and get them to get if your car has one just to see what they come up with.

although it would be funny if they said yes you do have a belt that needs changed lol!  :)

In Topic: Key Fob Battery +alert

31 July 2015 - 04:04 PM

I got a error code through elmconfig that my remote battery was low. So not on the display but it will pop up a code.

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. I never though of it throwing an error code for a low remote battery......I must see of mine does that on a low battery before I change it to a new one. Thanks for the input.  :)