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Today, 05:53 PM

While you have the front wheels off i recommend painting the spacer section of the brake discs aswell,
Finishes it off nicely: IMG_20130529_191626_zps08887ce0.jpgIMG_20130529_194025_zpscfdbcf00.jpg

Looks good Lenny.
I thinking of doing black as it cleans the rusty look up and hides the brake dust to I think.
The red looks great on your zetec s. Goes well with the silver and the alloys.
Since I have just the standard zetec focus I think black would not look out of place on mine. But I think I will take your advice and paint the spacer section silver.

In Topic: Heater Knob Modifcation

Today, 02:34 PM

no prob,
Yes the centre console "garage door" panel does look good but personally i wouldn't fit everything he provides for the focus to the same car as it may look a tad OTT i personally like small changes in different areas all adds up to something special when parked next to stock.


I know what you mean Lenny.

I like to keep the focus to look like its as close to OEM as possible to give it a better look but also like to add in small changes like yourself to make it different when next to a standard stock.

I think I will leave the "garage door" panel and maybe do the vents and the glove box strip.

I'm in the middle of installing the mobius dash cam (trying to hard wire it into as a fit and forget setup). Then I'm going to paint up my calipers and rear drums. By that time hopefully all the stuff for the foot wells lights should be here.  :)


Thanks again Lenny.

In Topic: Heater Knob Modifcation

Today, 12:34 PM

yeah I've fitted the glovebox strip and the side window dash vent surrounds, I also planned to fit the door speaker surrounds but I never got around to buying them, the stuff is laser cut via a C&C machine its 100% precision, see my guide on fitting glove box strip, it's on the thread I linked you to there,
i used masking tape to mark out a level line for fitting,

It's good quality stuff but can only be stuck once,
It will buckle and kink if you try to peal it off and re-stick key is to line up correctly first time,
I'm on my second glove box strip as I messed up the first one.


Thanks Lenny

I will have a read through it tonight and maybe order the vent surrounds and the glove box strip. Looks food the way it has the word Focus on it. I also see he has a cover for storage under the ac controls with the word Focus on it.

very nice indeed.  :)

In Topic: Best Dash Cam For Mk2 Focus????

Today, 10:00 AM

To answer these questions all together:


I am using the stock battery, but as it is hardwired and it only draws power for the 10s it needs to power down when the ignition is switched off.  I read that the battery does reduce in capacity over time but I'll see how long that takes before putting in a super capacitor or new battery (which are only a couple of quid anyway).  I like that I can take the camera out and use it off the battery if I want to.


My install is shown in this thread  http://www.fordowner...dashcam/page-14  It is worth reading the whole thread and there is some really good stuff in there to make the most of the Mobius.  Basically I only needed a piggy back fuse tap, a 3m long cable which included a 12V to 5V transformer and ended in a 90 degree mini USB connector which plugs into the back of the Mobius.  I added a second cable to the storage compartment on the dash for my SatNav which was easy to do as well.


I can't remember which fuse I tapped into but it is in the thread I have linked above and is ignition live, which means it is only powered when I turn on the ignition.


I don't run a rear cam but this could be an option sometime if I want to.


I used normal bathroom clear silicone, although my first attempt used stuff I had for gutter repair and it fell off so not all silicones are the same.  This one has held firm for a few months now and that includes days at 35 degrees in full sun without any problem.  I basically squirted it onto the back of the mount and pressed it onto the screen, wiping off the excess.  Not sure what happens if I need to take it off, but I'll worry about that when I need to.



OK got my Mobius today and I must say very very small and compact camera.

Been using it to record some sample footage with it on the battery and find it very good and easy to use.Very good quality as well.



do you or anyone have a guide on hard wiring the Mobius into the focus and or a link to that 12v-5v wire you mentioned?


also i saw on the other thread you linked to regarding batteries and capacitors, I myself will just keep the battery installed in it as you have. I mean your 13 hour in use journey was a great way of testing the mobius lol!


also just out of curiosity has anyone linked the cam with an android device or anything yet?



In Topic: Heater Knob Modifcation

Today, 01:04 AM

yeah there's a guy whom builds custom laser cut parts from brushed stainless steel,
See my guide here: http://www.fordowner...032#entry145032

Good link Lenny.
I will have a look through eBay to find this seller. These are the sort of extra mods I had in mind. Thanks mate.

Have you done any like this yourself? And are the products good quality?