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Yesterday, 06:28 PM

Tend to be mainly on mk7 fiesta from 2008 on. Ive seen mondeo and cmax have them too but i have only found 6speed ones on ebay.

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Yep, mk7 Fiesta onwards.


Thanks fellas I will keep a look out at local scrappy and online to see what i come across  :) , It will make a nice little mod.

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Yesterday, 10:24 AM

Glad to hear you all happy Gordon. The cmax is a lovely and very practical all round car. I wish you all the best for the future with it. :)

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Yesterday, 10:22 AM

Great idea fellas

I would of never thought of looking for a fiesta one to replace the focus one. I take  it they are all the same fittings ect or is there any particular years in the fiesta to look for?

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27 June 2015 - 11:01 PM

Zetec is mid spec and doesn't normally have the extras unless modified or ordered after.

Wheel size cam differ but ordinarily it's a 16 inch wheels with 205/55 16 tyres and commonly a v rating.
There can be a configurable I believe on the mk2. 5 clusters to show radio info on the instrument cluster.

As for the sensors, as mentioned they can be very expensive at a dealer. I installed my own for 20 quid, easy enough to do, but if this is your first ford in 60 years (I hope this isn't offensive) but I wonder if as a wiser individual with years of experience would make the art form of modifying a tad more tricky. Either way bought for 20 and installed at a garage or by yourself will not break the bank.


Agree with James here. when I got my focus I got sensors for £20 and installed them usinh guides from the good folk on here and 3 years in they are still working 100% , best money I have spent lol!  :)



In regards to being new here, welcome and I can say its the best forum ford ford owners of any age. The guys on here are very helpful and can offer great advice and tips. Also my father inlaw changed over the same time as me to his 1st ford, he got the 2010 cmax which is the facelift version like your 2009 one and to be honest is a pretty good spec from the box, so I think you will be well pleased with yours. He has had 3 years of trouble free driving and thinks that's its great. As I said to him and tell others , if looked after the great fords will reward you back lol!  :)


Good luck my friend.  :)

In Topic: Mk2.5 Gearknob Insert

27 June 2015 - 10:48 PM

been looking for a nice gear knob myself but for some reason these things cost a fortune to buy

Totally agree Darren. I wouldn't mind replacing mine with a new one as mine is a bit worn and faded but looking around they are a fair few ££'s for all that they really are. If you come across any online at a decent price drop my a msg.