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In Topic: Best Dash Cam For Mk2 Focus????

Today, 12:15 AM

thanks Kurt

when installed i will have a play about with different setting and see what suits me the best.



In Topic: Best Dash Cam For Mk2 Focus????

Yesterday, 11:35 PM



sorry mate I meant to say "converter" and not "inverter".

I got confused with those 12v to 230v Inverters for the car battery to a plug thing lol!



Thanks for the information and explaining.


I think I got it now lol!


Just for my own head ache I'm i correct in saying:


- the "Converter" (3m lead) job is to take the 12v from car supply and bring it down to 5v for the camera (Basically what the small plugin USB adapters for in car do to charge phones ect) as 12v would damage the camera because its rated at 5v to work..


- the piggy back is to split the one circuit into 2 separate circuits with there own rated fuse. (Kind of like a plug in wall adopter at home  :mellow: lol!)


-  It's ok to take small amps to a high rated amp lead (ie 3amp from device to 20 amp piggy plug), but is dangerous to do the opposite (ie 15 amps to 5amp piggy plug) because it may overheat/overload the smaller amp lead.



I have ordered all the links you posted. I also have downloaded the guide and will follow it when the leads come. I will post pics of the finished installation as well in case it may help others.


one more thing, what settings do you recommend to use in the Mobius for the dash cam setup?



I really appreciate your time and effect Kurt with the links and explaining the circuit setup.


always learn something new everyday lol!


Thanks mate.

In Topic: Best Dash Cam For Mk2 Focus????

Yesterday, 10:38 PM

Note that you must use this specific OTG cable or modify one of you own, not all USB layout are the same, the link above is ideal for your mobius


Thanks kurt I will get this exact one.



Here is the SD card that ben is currently using in his mobius





Here is the right angle 3M usb cable, i purchased from this exact cable from this seller




Here is the OTG cable





Here is the piggy back kit, again same seller exact one i purchased




Kurt I have a little electrical experience but not a great level. I have never added a new circuit like this to a car system but Like everything I'm willing to learn and give it ago as long as the cars electrical system doesn't get frayed lol! so forgive me if my questions are a little backwards lol!  :wacko:


Just a question about the  "piggyback" and the " 3 meter cable", is it safe enough to crimp the 20amp piggy back to the small inverter cable wire that is only 3amps?  :mellow:



with the "piggy back" will the circuit that we plug into still be protected?

I mean for example say you plug into the radio circuit fuse, if the radio circuit fuse ever blew will the camera power be cut or can it run as if its on a completely separate circuit with its own fuse?

and like ways if the camera ever blew a fuse with the radio fuse still be ok?

I'm just wondering as they are plugged into the same port on the fuse box.



one last thing has your mobius been running 100% with this hardwired set up?


Thanks again for the links.


I have ordered the OTG Cable and the memory card. Once you get back t me on these few questions I will order the rest.


Thanks again Kurt.

In Topic: My New Mobius Dashcam

Yesterday, 09:10 PM

I got the normal lens (lens A).
Its more than enough for the job in my opinion. If position in centre of window it got a great viewing angle.
I think Kurt had the standard lens as well but not 100% sure.

In Topic: Best Dash Cam For Mk2 Focus????

Yesterday, 12:17 PM


Sonic the guide is done by me and James. Yes it is upto date it's done with my mobius in my Mk2.5 ZS so you aren't gonna get any more accurate of a guide than that I will try and post up the cables and bits needed later. I will also sort you out a link for a reliable 32gb sd card used by Ben in his mobius

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Kurt post me the links in this thread if you can as its easy for me to find.