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Yesterday, 08:24 PM

Yes I agree. For me mine is silver so I will go for the silver just to keep it OEM looking. Eonon I think is the one. I will be picking one up in the next few weeks.

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Yesterday, 11:58 AM

From what I gather there are 2 different versions, outside the silver / black options defined as 61 silver or 62 black

There is the standard D5161/2 which by its self is the business,

Then there is the updated model GM5161/2 supporting "Mirrored screen" something to do with beaming the picture to other devices that support it, in short, probably a waste of money, if you want screens I the back a good old fashioned wire should do!

That is essentially it, other models come with reverse parking cams, TV modules etc

C5161 is the same as D5161 only with the reverse cam as an extra
CM5161 is the same as GM5161, only with the additional cam and mirrored screen tech

Im about a finger click away from ordering the D5161, but would be good to hear from someone with a unit!

Heres a question though, the silver doesn't look like it will match the silver trim, do you think it would look better going for black to show the contrast off a bit rather than a "almost but not quite" silver? could always vinyl wrap the trim I guess any thoughts....


Personally I have DVD players in the back already for the kids so the mirror tech thing would not matter to me that much.

The D5161 Look like it could be the one as it has all the trimmings. I think I with you on this one.



on a side note, some of the ebay ones look a little different, have different remotes and to be honest some look a little cheap, id be cautious buying from anyone other then them... their Eonon.com site seems to have better prices anyway and accept paypal protection


I think if it has the EONON logo at the bottom printed on the unit they look the same but I did notice ones without these logos (Unbranded) that looked a bit cheapish but I think the EONON ones look ok.

As for the color I peronally would want the silver but its hard to tell from pictures due to lighting conditions ect. Some one with one installed would be the best bet but I think it should blend in 100% as they are advertised as "special mondeo, focus ect silver" but I will try to find "real life" picture of one installed just to see as some cat pics can be enhanced a bit.


Until we find one here is a stock image of the D5161  :)


Attached File  D5161E-01.jpg   100.43KB   8 downloads


and an installation video of the black version.

The black does look good though.



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Yesterday, 10:43 AM

Eonon unit looks the business, runs winCE as well meaning you should be able to use other navigation software , TomTom, Igo etc
WinCE makes android and iOS look like a plaything for a 4 year old, meaning with a bit of time and effort, you can mod your head unit as well as your car ! ;) very tempted with that , has anyone got one?


Yes I think The Eonon probably is the winner for me as well. 
I like the fact it runs winCE and you can use other navigation software with it. 
This along opens up lots of options. I have found a few different models mainly for the facelift
focus which I have but for those who have the pre faclift (square version head unit) they supply one for it as well.
Here are some of the models I came across. They all look the same and have the same features advertised
so I dont really know what the main difference is.
Eonon D5161E
Eonon C5161E
I do think it pretty good price for all the equipment you get. It would be great to hear from any one who have an of these EONON units installed. I also have seen a few listings from UK sellers as well with 1 year warranty. I also think being able to mod the hea unit would be great as you may be fit to access wallpapers/backgrounds and add your own or change logos or just the general stuff you can on android devices ect. 
I think this one is a pretty close match to what I personally am looking for.

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14 September 2014 - 10:04 PM

It may be the DMF or it could be an exhaust heat shield  

+ 1

sounds like it could be heat shields. I would start and check these and exhaust system first.

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14 September 2014 - 09:02 PM

I have done a little bit of research, my car is in the garage on Saturday and I will be asking them to check the idle control valve, throttle body and cable and throttle position sensor is there anything else I should be asking them to check?




you could get them to check around the air intake and surrounding pipes/hoses. On the mk4 fiesta the revs used to stick due to a inlet pipe splitting through wear and tear. It worth a look while they are checking it over.

Hope this helps.