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In Topic: Focus Mk2 Cam Belt

Today, 09:18 AM


Personally I think with a chain you will be fine. I had fords old hcs engine with chain and it outlasted the body of the car at 247000 miles on it. My advice is since you have the chain I would just do the belt kit if you feel confident in doing it and you should be fine. If you had the wetbelt I would definitely recommend changing both at same time though.
Good luck anyhows.

In Topic: Anyone Have A Brodit Mount For Their Tomtom ?

Yesterday, 03:57 PM

I have one for my iPhone 5s and it's really good very stable and good quality I would highly recommend it

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Thanks fella. I will invest in one maybe. Can they be places beside the driver light switch or only around the radio area?

In Topic: My New Mobius Dashcam

Yesterday, 11:57 AM


New Mobius Dashcam (V.3) has arrived today.  I purchased the Camera, Mount, Piggyback and Hard-wire kit from 4 different sellers.  Today the Camera, Mount and Piggyback all arrived - just waiting for the hardwire kit now.  All took only 10 days to arrive (placed order 20th March, delivered 30th March)






pretty good delivery dates. I have the older mobius hardwired in and its a great cam. please do post up your installation pics and let us know how the new version turns out as I'm thinking of getting one for the rear view window. Great quality from a little camera though.  :)

In Topic: Engine Additives

Yesterday, 11:54 AM

Think diesels benefit from decent additives moreso than petrol engines.

I think your right. I think petrol engines run a fraction  cleaner anyhow and that's maybe why in diesels you can notice improvement when using decent additives.

In Topic: Focus Mk2 Cam Belt

Yesterday, 11:52 AM

mondeo, s max , galaxy , c max, focus , transit connect,all the same 1.8 tdci.

later 1.8 does indeed have a wet belt that runs in engine oil, thats the belt ive seen broke, only saw the engine and not the car it came out of so dont know what the age range it was from, cant remember when they changed over to wet belt.but was told it was a transit connect and done 135k from what i remember


so basically all the ford 1.8 tdci. engines had a belt and a chain or a belt and a wet-belt. You learn something new every day lol! :)  

I also think most garages would of just changed the timing belt and forgot about the chain/wet-belt for whatever reason then so far down the line it may has give up so I think best advice is to change both at the same interval maybe to be safe.  :)