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Yesterday, 05:36 PM

A bit of topic here but I came across this ad from ford and thought due to the weather it was ideal to post lol!





By the way has ford the only make to do the quick clear front screen?


don't see it much in other car manufacturers bu its a great idea and very practical to have.

In Topic: Mot On Monday

27 January 2015 - 12:18 PM

Its more of a worry with the work I've either done or had done! :) it is undoubtedly a solid car in every other way

+ 1 the focus is a solid car all round and if looked after well it should give very little problems.  :)  My MOT due next month lol!

In Topic: Elm327/forscan

21 January 2015 - 10:06 PM

Such a cable as this should do you:




Thanks James I have ordered on so I will give it a try using your pdf guide.


the 500k is an important part for doing much with MS-CAN so whatever you get make sure its definitely 500K compatible, some of the newer ones aren't, I had one that worked for some MS-CAN stuff but didn't always remain stable, so I ditched it, better safe than sorry when uploading firmware!

But its also worth remember that almost all the functions you will use day to day are apart of HS-CAN, meaning any ELM327 device will do the job but there isn't any sense getting one that's not modified.

im actually getting a cheapy Bluetooth one as well, if its latency is good enough Itll mean I can ditch the cable for recording data. ill keep that cable to hand when I need to modify GEM or PCM an such like though.



Good point Darren. I think the one James linked me to is 500K. If all goes well in the future I might invest in a blue tooth version but for now I will try the cabled one.


Thanks guys.



In Topic: Elm327/forscan

21 January 2015 - 03:54 PM

Thanks guys.



Check my signature fella, theres a link there on a guide I wrote that will help to get you started :)


Basically it allows you to read pretty much every sensor it can access (so far I havent found anything it cant read, but then I havent got every ford ever made to test it with :P)


You can do thorough diagnostics (I helped my Auto Leccy identify an issue with my airbag resistance using this!) and read general error codes.


Read my thread, and if you have any questions, let me know!


James I downloaded your pdf and looks good to get me started.


The link is outdated for the elm usb cable. I was going to buy one I saw on ebay but I noticed you have "Modified elm cable" so the one I was looking at is maybe wrong. Can you link me to the correct one?






its easy enough to use it and more importantly its actively updated, id consider paying for it its so good and lets just say I don't usually pay for software!

there is quite a few folk on here that use it too so im sure there will always be someone about that can guide you, but it really is pretty easy going :)


definitely is worth its weight! it makes a nice change to find a free bit of software that works so well!



I agree fellas its nice to get software that is free but also that actually works well.  :)

In Topic: What Tyre Pressure Do You Run?

19 January 2015 - 11:36 PM

I know that there are many arguments for and against high/low pressure tyre levels in regards to fuel economy and speed but unfortunately the solid fact is that running tyres over a car manufacturers recommended pressure will result in loss of grip and an increased level of uneven wear and a higher risk of losing traction/stability resulting in the likelyhood of swapping ends and entering the pearly gates backwards with a surprised look on your face.
What the tyres are rated to is not the important factor, the recommended pressure for a car at different loading levels is.




two good articles there clive.

they make sense and deserve a read through. 


I think the best answer to any one looking advice on tyre psi is stick with the label on the door or the handbook as these are manufacture recommendations.


I think if you do this you cant go far wrong lol! I will be running mine from now on on the fully laden recommendations on the door label as Its me the wife and 2 kids and usually a boot full most of the time so for me personally I think this might be the best bet in terms of psi recommendations.