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#424871 Focus In Car Entertainment & Gadgets

Posted by sonic113 on 02 November 2014 - 03:24 PM

Great job Darren.


I have my head unit ordered so hopefully its here by december post rush. I will be looking into gettin rear cam for it after xmas so all is good so far. lol!

#421704 Timing Belt + Water Pump Kit

Posted by sonic113 on 22 October 2014 - 11:54 AM

your links havent copied properly, its broken


id only get the genine ford cambelt, which i believe is made by Gates. you wouldnt want to get something off ebay for such a vital component






Use ford parts, but I can do one in 30 mins so labour shouldnt be much from and independant




I would only use the genuine ford kits for the belts just to be sure as its such a vital component. I Will be doing my belt on my 2009 1.6 zetec focus next year and will be getting a genuine ford kit. I'll only have the Haynes manual as a guide but I have done some on the old escorts belts so I'm hoping it should be too bad to do.

#416048 My New Mobius Dashcam

Posted by sonic113 on 03 October 2014 - 06:02 PM

All signs of incompatible memory card, this is on the mobius forum, buzzing/strange audio sounds and stuttering. What memory card are you using and class?

It's impossible to show the mobius true video quality on YouTube and it's hard for people to understand after you've explain how great it is then seeing a YouTube video lol


I agree Kurt.

the mobius is brilliant video quality and has to bee watched in real life to see it. You tube video compression does noting for it really.

#415272 Heater Settings

Posted by sonic113 on 01 October 2014 - 10:11 AM

See the dots in between the pictures?

Try tweaking dial to one of those dots. It helps balance the air flow


good idea Sean. I find myself having to do this most of the time. I guess the pictures on the dial are just an estimated position of the airway valve that directs the air flow. 

#414995 Heater Settings

Posted by sonic113 on 30 September 2014 - 10:46 AM

whats the best settings to clear the rear passengers windows when they are misted up. when the family get into the car from the rain the rear windows mist up and it really annoys me as I have tryed all sorts of settings on the heater.


so here is a few questions?


1) Obliviously warm/cold is tune to full warm (red) but it is best to have the A/C button on when on warm setting or is this just used for the cold air setting? 


2) what is the best air flow position on the heater controls for rear window demisting? I use the front and rear heated button to demist these but the passenger windows I'm lost.



also on a side note.

I never use the parking lights on the light control just the side lights (Until Now lol!). Now i just found out there is a parking light function and noticed that it only works when ignition is off . can this be just turned to the left to be activated when parked at night on a road ect and how long can this be left on this mode for?



#414993 Focus Ecu Reset & Learn

Posted by sonic113 on 30 September 2014 - 10:37 AM

Ok little update here. I did this yesterday and drove 6-7 journeys ranging from 5mile to 35 mile a journey being from car start to car stop lol!  and I don't know what to say really.

I did notice a slight difference on each journey kind of like the car adjusting or something but on each journey I tried  do the same thing in regards to my driving. I changed gear around 2250 rpm and used the throttle as I would under normal driving. also when coming to a stop I gently slowed the car down using the brakes and gears where as before I would of been a bit more of a "just stop" guy lol!. 


Now this morning I have noticed that the car does feels a little more smoother and pulls more smooth on inclines but I don't know if I can truthfully say it has made a major difference but I would go as far as saying it has made some maybe although I do believe that I need to do some more journeys to see how it maps out. I think that through a few more journeys of my normal driving the car may settle from the reset and I may or may not noticed anything but I guess time will tell.

#414615 Focus Ecu Reset & Learn

Posted by sonic113 on 29 September 2014 - 11:30 AM

ok I have been reading a few articles on resetting the ecu of a car and how it may help various things like mpg and stuff like that.


I have decided to give this a go as I want to see for myself if it makes any differences. To be clear my car is fully serviced and running 100% only iggle I have is a slight lack of pull/throttle feeling when I'm pulling on hills ect. So I decided to try a reset first just to see.


The aim of this test is basically to see if any difference can be noticed in any way or form.

I can not find a guide of sorts but I plan to do the following:


1)Disconnect  Battery Negative terminal.

2) Let car sit for 1hour to discharge all.

3) reconnect Terminals

4) Start car allow to idle for 10 - 15 min without touching accelerator

5) Take for a drive and drive the way I normally do

6) Continue my normal driving style throughout the week/Month and see if there is any kind of difference at all.


any Input here would be greatly welcomed and encase any one suggests yes I do have the radio code so don't worry lol!



I Read that James (Jeebowhite) has reset his mondeo and I think his cmax and he noticed an improvement in the mpg and I have also read that some people suggest a reset after each service or change of a senor, air intake as in a sense this changes the environment of the engine (example new or updated air filter will allow more  or clean air through so ecu can adjust or alter other things to suit this change in the engines environment ect) 


Now to be clear I'm not saying this works or does not work I'm just restating what I have read and heard from others hence the reason I would like to try this out for myself.


so any advice or input is greatly welcomed here and hopefully by the end we should all have a good insight in how the ecu works and if a reset actually does or may help.


Thanks for reading.




#414180 Focus In Car Entertainment & Gadgets

Posted by sonic113 on 27 September 2014 - 10:23 PM

mine was very quick, less then a week for the HU and all nicely wrapped.


Good luck with it, mind to take your time, getting all those wires in is a bit of a hassle and make sure that once the antenna is connected up you tape it down so it cant fall out, turns out my shocking reception on FM was down to the plug falling out as you try and position it in the dash

Absolutely fantastic work on the install and the information on the unit. I should have mine ordered in the next cominh weeks at the moment some family situations are eating the cash lol! I cant wait to see if we can have a go at modding or editing the HU. There must be a way for eonon to install the firmware or software to the unit in the first place so there may be hope.
Is your radio reception ok now since you found out abut the loose plug?
Also I think the black looks pretty good of Im honest but it would be interesting to see the silver installed as well.
The screen looks pretty good in the pictures it must be half decent in real life. The Sat Nav looks the part as well and as I stated before its one of the main reasons I'm looking for one of these units. 
Honestly I cant wait to get one ordered and installed. When you get your camera installed please do take a shot of the screen to show us how it looks.
Great work my friend.  :)

#413208 Air Intake Pipe Advice!!!

Posted by sonic113 on 25 September 2014 - 10:36 AM

I've tried the torque pro app on my phone, but I didn't find it very good. Can anyone recommend a cheapish live data scanner that is decent and will help solve this issue


I wouldn't mind finding on of these myself fro viewing live data. If a scanner is out of the question hopefully some one can recommend a set up with a laptop or something. I personally think the live data stream would be the best way to diagnose any issue like this or be a first method of choice before replacing parts because as stated above a failed sensor will throw a code but on that is faulty or failing may show up better in the live stream or at least point you in the right direction.

#411462 2014 Upgrades

Posted by sonic113 on 20 September 2014 - 10:39 AM

What is the best tyres for reduced road noise,better handling and better fuel economy for the focus? Where is the best place to get good deals? I'm due a new front tyre and usually go to local tyre garage but this time am thinking of looking around and trying a different tyre.

#410595 Fuel Filter...1.8 Petrol Mk2.5

Posted by sonic113 on 17 September 2014 - 11:51 AM

Does my car have one? I can't seem to find replacement parts online




Like mentioned in above posts its part of the fuel pump ( a gaze type of mesh). usually they are 100% but if ever needed replaced the who pump has to be replaced   :( . But up the ups side at least its one less filter to buy at service intervals  :) . There are a few cleaners on the market and different people will have different opinions on each one but myself personally I advice people just not to let your fuel get extremely low all the time (ie don't run the car until its sucking for fuel lol!) because this is where you will suck up all the dirt at in the tank and then chances are the filter will catch it all.


I myself would only run to the "25 miles left  empty" chime on the odd occasion but generally I top up when the light comes on at "50 miles to empty" I only use this as a personal guide though and I have on once or twice run the car empty but that was only to test the digital mileage to empty against the manual gauge for accuracy.


so to some it up basically just keep topped up with good fuel and fill up when the fuel tanks reaches a reasonable level but not too low. As for the cleaners well others may comment on them as I said every one as different opinions and some work and some don't I have used many brands over the years on different cars  and I suppose I could say they do make a difference of some sort but one thing they do is put your mind at ease that you have tried to look after the fuel/injector system lol!  :)


Hope this helps

#409858 Focus In Car Entertainment & Gadgets

Posted by sonic113 on 15 September 2014 - 10:43 AM

Eonon unit looks the business, runs winCE as well meaning you should be able to use other navigation software , TomTom, Igo etc
WinCE makes android and iOS look like a plaything for a 4 year old, meaning with a bit of time and effort, you can mod your head unit as well as your car ! ;) very tempted with that , has anyone got one?


Yes I think The Eonon probably is the winner for me as well. 
I like the fact it runs winCE and you can use other navigation software with it. 
This along opens up lots of options. I have found a few different models mainly for the facelift
focus which I have but for those who have the pre faclift (square version head unit) they supply one for it as well.
Here are some of the models I came across. They all look the same and have the same features advertised
so I dont really know what the main difference is.
Eonon D5161E
Eonon C5161E
I do think it pretty good price for all the equipment you get. It would be great to hear from any one who have an of these EONON units installed. I also have seen a few listings from UK sellers as well with 1 year warranty. I also think being able to mod the hea unit would be great as you may be fit to access wallpapers/backgrounds and add your own or change logos or just the general stuff you can on android devices ect. 
I think this one is a pretty close match to what I personally am looking for.

#409512 K&n Panel Air Filter

Posted by sonic113 on 14 September 2014 - 11:44 AM

Ive done a lot of research on this - ti took a lot of time/ effort to wade throgh all the BS
It depends on the car -
On some it made no difference at all
On some (NA) no difference in power but a slight increase in throttle response
On some (NA) there was a slight increase in power at very high revs (typically 1-3Hp)
On some turbo engines,lag is reduced a bit from low revs and throttle response improved, but no or very slight increase in power - this is typical (what you might expect) from most turbo-diesels
On some cars/ engines new stock/ K&N (or any other make) or no filter at all makes no difference, this is because other parts of the intake/ inducion system are more restrictive than the filter element  
In general you can expect no difference or only a slight difference in power compared to a fresh stock filter - typical independant measured gains are 1-2Hp, you need 10% for a noticable difference in power, though you might notice better throttle response/ reduced lag - or more noise
Often, a "sports" replacement filter replaces a dirty, clogged stock filter so the noticed improvement is due to that - like for like / new for new is a fair comparison
K&Ns are oild cotton filters (like green cotton) they allow small dust particles in when they are new (which can cause bore wear), and need to build up a layer of dust to start filtering properly - stock filters filter out small dust particles, straight from new
a stock filter does not last as long as a K&N (or similar) but a stock patterrn filter costs £5 and a K&N £30 - 6 times as much
I run a stock (paper) filter on my car - (369Nm - independant dyno stock is 209ft-lbs, off the top of my head) - i need to because the CAIS goes into the wing and i tend to pick up road dust from the wheel - the paper filter filters this out and the K&N would not - a K&N would ruin the engine - if i re-located the intake i might consider it, though - who knows - i might need that extra 2Hp
Better get yourself a remap - 9-times out of 10 will make a bigger difference and is probably more cost-effective/ "bang-per-buck"       

I agree on this one. I stick to a stock filter and clean it with compressed air in between service intervals. I used to give performance filters a go in the past cars I had but honestly noticed no differance only my wallet lighter lol!.
I say if you have a stock engine keep it standard and service it regularly to keep it in top shape this way you'll get the best from the engine if you want or need power then buy a car with that as standard because in the long run it saves Hassel and money. Just my 2 pence of info lol!

#409248 Focus In Car Entertainment & Gadgets

Posted by sonic113 on 13 September 2014 - 03:48 PM

Ok looking at some more of these units I have threw together
some video’s  from you tube and a few
specifications That I personally will be looking out for to try to get the most
out of one for the money.


Some features I recommend to look out for:




A Decent Price £££ (Every one probably does not want to spend a lot of money on a unit I for one Don’t  but we want the best for the budget we have, Most of these units retails between £170 to £270 which I suppose is not bad for what you get(Sat Nav, DVD ,CD,Mp3 player ect). So there should be something to suit everyone interested in these.

-  OEM look Fit (I think  this is important As you would want it to blend in and look like a ford original gadget Which most of these units have and are available in the black  or silver colour to match the dash).


ARM Processor (Faster than older models so I believe as units with an arm processor wont have any or very little lag unlike older models.)


Dual Can Bus (Keeps many car functions ie steering controls , car dash display, Dims units lights with car lights, reverse gear selects camera if installed, when car switched of it turns into standby and turns on like OEM head unit.

- Mp3 (Preferably with album art display I think this is a nice touch on the models that have this feature especially if you a big music fan.)


- Blue tooth facilities (Handfree Phone calls ect & Some allow contact lists for easy phone call making I think its a good feature and a good safety value.)


- Remote control (Not a real necessity but if the unit comes with one then I suppose it’s a bonus)


- Dual Zone Feature (This is an interesting one as if you have kids and have back monitors installed you can through a movie from these units to the rear passengers and still sue the radios or sat nav in the front so if you using sat nav to find a Lego land then the kids can be happy watching the Lego Movie in the rear of the car lol!)


Unit Back lighting + Car Logo ( I think this is a cool feature as it lets you set your units back lighting to match your cars dash lightening. Again Not a necessity but helps with the OEM look of the thing Especially if they allow you to set the car Manufacture logo)




Sat Nav
(This is a great feature now as for me this is a buying point of the unit.  No some models allow 2d/3d maps and look good
and also take different formats of  maps
so this does open up a lot of options for the user.

Other Options


Again not necessities but if the unit comes with them then I suppose they are bonus’s .


Rear view Camera Feature

- Ipod Connection Feature

- Digital Tv Feature

- NFC Phone Feature


Some negative points are that most of these don’t come with DAB but this is something that would not matter to me much as I would use the CD or Mp3 more any how’s. Some do report to get a little interference on the radio function but there are foxes for this by means of a signal booster Box I think . Just something to consider if your thinking of getting one.

Personally I think the positive may out way the negative on these units but hopefully if anybody has one installed post up what functions it has, what functions you have tested and what you think of it for the price also some images or videos may help. We may also be fit to help out or put together a guide for installation or settings on certain models of these if anyone needs help.


So on to the video demonstrations I found so far.


Here they are below:


Unknown Unit



Eonon D5162



Thanks for reading this post.


#408876 Zetec 1.6 100 Noisy

Posted by sonic113 on 12 September 2014 - 10:24 AM

No, can't keep my hand over the end, it looks original. it's more of a roar type of sound at revs over 3K, On motorway you have to turn up the stereo, could use another gear.

maybe I'm too fussy. 


I agree. I have the same model and 1 6th gear would be great on motorways. I changed my oil to castrol magnatec (5w30) and this through a few 100 miles of driving had made a difference to the engine noise slightly (at idle its very quiet and very smooth when driving). At high speeds (motor way) there is a bit of a noise from the engine but I think its just the way these are made. Also I have added an engine under tray and plan to add some under bonnet insulation from the scrap yards (Like the diesels have and one from a diesel will probably fit as well) and I think this will help aid the in sound proofing a bit because My father in law has the same egine in the cmax and has an under tray and bonnet insulation and its very quiet indeed.


Hope this helps. :)