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#399875 Best Dash Cam For Mk2 Focus????

Posted by sonic113 on Yesterday, 12:24 PM

any body know how to change the date on this camera

mine sometimes doesnt switch on when i turn the ignition on



That looks like the gs800l camera. James has this cam and I know that there is a glitch somewhere in it that he resets its every now and then I think its when the memory card gets full maybe.


have you got this hardwired in or running of the 12v socket?

#399705 Best Dash Cam For Mk2 Focus????

Posted by sonic113 on 19 August 2014 - 08:52 PM

Proper well done sonic your crimp is also very professional although I ignored that to keep it simple I like that others can put their own twist on it to suit their needs, the mobius is a very flexible cam

Thanks Kurt. Been using the Möbius for a few days now and its great. I'm considering one for the rear window. Also going to experiment with the motion sensor as well. Would be nice to use that when parked up.

#399279 My New Mobius Dashcam

Posted by sonic113 on 18 August 2014 - 11:34 PM

Great job on the rear view mount. I like it. Have you been using your two Möbius long and how reliable do you find them?

I'm looking into a rear view one as well. Have you got this hardwired in?

#398793 Best Dash Cam For Mk2 Focus????

Posted by sonic113 on 17 August 2014 - 11:19 PM

ok I finally got round to installing the Mobius dash cam and I can say I'm very glad I went with this Cam. it very very Compact and the video quality is superb.


I wanted a more compact mounting bracket so Instead of using the suction cup mount or the adhesive mount I made my own and it attaches directly to the rear view mirror bracket.


Also I hardwired the cam in using Kurts excellent PDF guide the only thing I did differently was I crimped a connector onto the earth wire just to keep it neater attached this at the earthing point in the passenger doorway. 


I then give the bracket a quick paint just to blend it in with the Mirror. From the out side of the car the camera is pretty well hidden as it sits and blends in with the rear view mirror. From inside the car its not that noticeable either unless you where actually looking for it.


Here are some pics of my installation.



Drilling the rear view mirror Bracket.






Making the new mounting bracket I tool a bolt that fitte dthe same thread of the mobius base unit and cut of the tip measured the amount from one end that attaches to the mobius + the thickness of a washer and nut.

after i got this correct (took a bit of trail and error and a few bolts lol!) I put a 90 bend in the bolt and then added more nuts and washers.





Attaching the New mount to the Rear view mirror Bracket




The new mount attached to the mobius cam and the Rear view Bracket.





The crimp connector I added to the earth point and the piggy back fuse with the 7.5 and 3amp fuse attached. All cables where tidied back nice and neat to keep things right.






Test of new mount attached with camera as well. I made this so you can adjust the vertical and horizontal angles if need just by turning the cam up, down, left or right and then hand tighten the nuts to keep it in that position.





when i was happy with the angles and fittings I then give it a quick paint (may give it another coat when i get time lol)  to blend it in with the dash and rear view mirror. I used a brush and Hammerite smooth satin black as it dries with no too much of a shine so I though it helps blend bracket better.




and finally the finished installation of my Dash Cam. a close up view from inside the car and a close up from the outside.






I'm happy with all and now I am experimenting with different camera settings to see what suits best. At the moment I have it set to auto start when ignition is on and when car is turned off it will record for a further 10 secs or so before shutdown. I have also set it to loop record and create clips of 3 minutes each as I find it keeps an acceptable size for fast transfer to the PC. The camera does get warm when in use but like said before that's normal and does not seem to bother the camera in any way. I would highly recommend this camera and a fit and forget installation. I will get used to this one for a while and then maybe consider a set up for the back window.

#398034 Servicing Myself

Posted by sonic113 on 15 August 2014 - 11:48 PM

Don't forget you can view Ford's service schedules by putting your vehicle details into ETIS






yes good point and advice. I use this myself and try to keep my services as close to the ford schedule as I can. it pays to look after the engine lol!

#397454 Best Dash Cam For Mk2 Focus????

Posted by sonic113 on 14 August 2014 - 01:35 PM

Nice, have a quick test of your cables if you can before installation.
I think the custom/modified mounts look neat tbh.
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Will do Kurt. Yeah the custom mounts are tidy looking. Hopefully I can get a nice compact install . I will keep posted any how's mate.

#397363 Best Dash Cam For Mk2 Focus????

Posted by sonic113 on 14 August 2014 - 12:36 AM

Lead arrived today so hopefully will get a go at installation over the weekend I will post up some pics when I get sorted.


thinking of modding the adhesive mounting bracket like some have done to get a more discrete installation. 

I will also be using android tablet to help position camera just to get it centered to my preference.

#397361 My New Mobius Dashcam

Posted by sonic113 on 14 August 2014 - 12:32 AM

Initially you could not have auto start on power on with motion detection. Last time I looked at my settings though it was possible to turn motion detection on with auto start.

On the entire subject of recording whilst parked up I'm taking my mobius next level, for me most incident with my car happens when I'm not around where the camera is off, last night was the cherry on top.

Some beeeeeeeeeep beeeep beeping beep hole smashed off my wing mirror some point during last night, properly ripped it off the plastic mount and ripped the plastic attached to the door it self, I'm absolutely gutted, my neighbours where also victims of the same crime, the ***** little **** even spat at my car grrrr just talking about it makes my blood boil.

My mirror has completely snapped off hanging by the cables.

So now here is my plan something I've been debating with my self for a while. I will buy a jump start battery kit, there is an American company (can't remember the name atm) that makes a kit the size of an external usb drive, it's capable of jump starting small and large v8's multiple times consistently, it also comes with several adaptor where it can be used as a back up battery pack, it can be charged at home or in the car.

My aim now is to source one of these very small but powerful lithium ion battery kits and hard wire it into my car, somewhere accessible such as the boot or under seat.

I want to wire it in using some switch over relays and an ignition live kit (this gets a bit complicated)

The mobius will have power from both the battery and ignition, when ignition is on the mobius runs off the car and a switch over relay will send power to the battery kit to recharge it.

When the engine is turned off and ignition cuts the battery kit stops charging and camera stops running, after power cut the relay switches power from the ignition to the battery powering the camera whilst the car is turned off.

That's the idea anyways sounds more complex than it is but after last night I'm gonna take a stab at getting this to work.

Mated with a 64gb sd card and power pack the mobius should run about 8 hours before looping starts.

Next level indeed. I got the idea from a camera I think it's the black view? About 2 years ago they had an optional extra battery pack that could stop running once your car battery reaches a certain percentage etc cost was over £400 and video quality was crap. So it was a no go for me now I'd like to put my own twist on that idea

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Sorry Kurt man to hear about this mate.

the pictures say it all. there really are some nasty people about that have no respect for others property and the time effort and money that goes into thee cars and the projects.


I like your thinking on the mobius mate and taking it to the next level. I think you may be onto something as I think being able to record when parked would be a great thing especially in these cases.


My 12v to 5v lead arrived so I have downloaded your guide and will keep you updated on my progress mate.

Good luck with having to fix all on car up. I feel for you mate .

#397333 My New Mobius Dashcam

Posted by sonic113 on 13 August 2014 - 10:27 PM

to be honest, the relay is simple, and if you get the right guage of wire, fuse it correctly, and choose an appropriate battery, it should work fine.
Perhaps using a motorbike battery? its much smaller, can be tucked and stowed under a seat for example?

It may be an option I may look into in the future. At the moment I using Kurt's guide to install the can and hardwire it in. After that I will look into motion section and that sort of stuff.

Thanks James for the idea though.

#397217 My New Mobius Dashcam

Posted by sonic113 on 13 August 2014 - 08:11 PM

Good idea james . I would be up for that if it was an easy thing to do.

#397105 My New Mobius Dashcam

Posted by sonic113 on 13 August 2014 - 04:23 PM

Out of interest, is there a way to have it run on the battery with motion sensor on when the car is off and parked up, but run on the ignition live (I guess still through the battery) all the time when the car is live/running...?? 


Seems to me that would be the most sensible option..


That way if there some drunk twits walking down the road knocking off wing mirrors or something in the middle of the night when you're fast asleep the motion sensor would pick that up, but when you're sitting in a traffic jam not moving the camera would still run because the ignition is on.. 

Ian that's a good idea. Not sure if this is possible as it would still be set to record when it receives power (ie ignition live).


maybe a work around would be when parked up to connect with android phone/tablet and change the settings in car then maybe unplug lead from back of cam and that way its running on battery but I don't know is its stops motion recording automatically or if you have to manual stop it.


Its a bit of a extra few steps but maybe someone else may know of a better way. I know that the mobius is always getting improved firmware updates so they may add a feature like this in the settings in the future. who knows lol!

#397077 My New Mobius Dashcam

Posted by sonic113 on 13 August 2014 - 02:24 PM

On the front of ignition live. we recently had an "incident" occur just in front of my car in a local car park. Sadly the camera was operating on motion sensor and not just constant recording. Unfortuantely the incident was not captured on camera and could not be used as it would have needed to have been.
I suggest if anyone gets a dashcam, that motion sensor is disabled if you have a high capacity card. If you have a low capacity, it might be a better idea, but if you end up in the same situation I found myself in this weekend, you might not get the footage you require.

James sorry to hear about that mate.
I'm currently in the process of hardwiringnmy Möbius into the focus and I think I will turn motion section off as by the time it starts recording its usually missed the incident as you know yourself.

I think it would be to much to ask of the small dash cams to record 24 7 constant in the car and then there is the battery issue a and all that comes with that lol!

I guess the best option is just to have it hardwired in and record when ignition is on so. Basically when the car is driving or idling its a shame as motion section would work I think if it could maybe start recording a little sooner or maybe have a more sensitive lens to pick up any movement sooner for example a moving car parking or someone getting into the car in front before they reverse into you lol!

#396456 My New Mobius Dashcam

Posted by sonic113 on 11 August 2014 - 03:04 PM

With the ignition live guide I made you can always keep the camera running with engine on by leaving the ignition on. There is an option for a 10 seconds delay before shut down after power loss, this will allow you to switch off your engine and switch ignition back on without disturbing your camera power flow.

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Yes Kurt has made a really good guide for the mobius to be installed via an ignition live. I am still awaiting my 12v to 5v lead to be delivered and then I will be hard wiring my mobius into the car the same way Kurt has.


The mobius settings can then be set to come on when the camera receives power (ie when the ignition is switched on) and then it will stop around 10 seconds or so after the car has been switched of.


by hard wiring  it in this way the camera will always be charged and it is ideal for a fit and forget installation. I will post up some pics when I get my lead and get all installed. But the guide is very helpful.

#395994 Foot Well Lights Help!!

Posted by sonic113 on 10 August 2014 - 12:43 AM

they are a great fit as well. especially the drivers one as it doesn't move all over the place when getting in and out.

should last a good while to.

#395992 Foot Well Lights Help!!

Posted by sonic113 on 10 August 2014 - 12:37 AM

Thanks Lenny.


The 5 LEDS pods do look well at night. the light is very evenly distributed as well.


I go the mats of ebay as I needed some. I liked the way it had "FOCUS" printed on it.


heres the link





Get yourself a set lol!



I like your rear seat cover Lenny. where did you pick it up if you don't mind me asking. I was thinking of getting one as our kids are wee messers in the back lol!

can you get one with just "FORD" on it? since my car isnt a zetec s I think it may look a bit outta place. what ya think?