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What Wipers????

Today, 11:16 AM

I need to replace my wiper blades as they smear like mad. I only had them replaced last year and got the proper Bosch ones but they did not seem to last long. I tried cleaning theme ect but they still judder and smear the window. 


I saw these on eBay and was wondering as they are cheaper would they be worth getting or best to stick with the Bosch ones?






what wiper blade makes do you guys use and any tips for keeping them in top form?



Key Fob Battery +alert

29 July 2015 - 11:44 AM

when your key fob battery get low does it alert you on the cluster?

does anyone know what voltage the battery in the key fob has to frop to until the alert appears?  My battery is getting low because the range is getting shorter and I still  get no alert on the cluster.


Also is there maybe an option to turn this in with elm config ect?

Tyre Psi Question

28 July 2015 - 01:13 PM

Ok I Have a little issue over tyre psi. On my door sticker it states front 30 rear 33. I have noticed that car is a little bouncy on road and I was thinking maybe because rear tyres had a little more psi that front so now in trying 33 psi all round. All shocks and suspensions have been checked and are ok so was think maybe tyre pressure may help. Every to e I come out of tyre centre they never have same psi in wheels as always two different t guys do each side of car each if you know what I mean onetime ds was 34 and ps was 28 so I always check psi after tyre changes now.

Does this sound like an ok psi (33) to use a car is mostly always loaded with family of 4 and boot full of stuff lol!

What pressures do you guys run and what psi do you find gives the better overall ride vs tyre wear ext.

Reduced Power + Testing

21 July 2015 - 12:21 PM

Just may have a little fault with the focus.  1.6 2009 zetec. Noticed the past few days tat it feels like it is lacking a bit of power especially on the hills. I have ran forscan with no DTC codes appearing.


Car was serviced back in June so all looks good in terms of filters and plugs ect. Car is idling 100% I was thinking maybe a new coil back but is there any way I can test this with forscan or a multimeter see before I swap anything about. Also would like to try to test the throttle position sensor to see if its ok so any way to test this would be great.


Basically symptoms are car runs 100% idling and taking off but when I put accelerator to floor its flat and then picks up also if I gently pump the accelerator I can feel a lot more response from the car and it feels lighter of that makes sense. I have also been reading about fuel tank vacuum hoses can get blocked which reduces fuel goin to the engine but not sure on this one so any advice or tests you can think of fire away.




Some Advice On Tyre Wear

13 July 2015 - 10:51 AM

Ok fellas

I got new tyres (front) back in December and noticed a few weeks ago that the driver side wheel started to wear on the inside. Car past M.O.T 100% about two or three months back and I have checked all suspension components and all seem to be fine. I will however do another check when i get the time at the end of this week maybe. I do think That its maybe just a case of getting the car realigned as my local roads are very bad with potholes and parts that have been resurfaced and patched ect.


Here is a pic. The inside is on the right and the out side on the tyre on the left. Its the D/S front.

Attached File  SonicTyre Wear.jpg   222.72KB   33 downloads


The passenger side one is not as bad although it started slightly to wear a little more on the inside but overall across the tyre its pretty evenly wore. When I do get a decent straight part of the road the car seems to want to pull to the left gradually. also when at higher speeds like above 55 or 60 on motorway ect the steering wheel vibrates and shakes, wobbles.

So I think I may have knocked alignment off sometime ago with the road conditions or driving up on a kerd too hard when parking ect and am planning on getting a new tyre fitted and aligned and balanced. I will also have a look at the suspension components again before I replace the tyre just to see if anything is out of place.


so to sum up fellas I'm just looking an opinion here to what you guys think? if all suspension checks out ok should a simple tyre replacement and realign and balance do the trick here?


Thanks for reading.