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21 January 2015 - 11:20 AM

Hi Guys


Im looking to get a home setup for my focus so I can read live data and that sort of thing.

I have a basic obd code reader but I have had it a few years now and have been reading about this elm327 setup alongside forscan.


can anyone tell me more about this for examples what exactly it is and how it works?

Can it be used for live data streams and checking readings on different sensors ect?

Is it as close as the home DIY mechanic will get to what ford techs use in the dealership?


sound like a useful too/gadget I have read that some people are using it to take dpf readings in graph form ect so I was thinking this may be a useful piece of kit to have.




anyone who has it let me know what you think of it as well and if it has proved to be useful to you.






18 January 2015 - 08:06 PM

I recently bleed the brake system and Im a tiny bit low on brake fluid  (just above Minimum :wacko: ). I know that this fluid reservoir also supply's the clutch system with fluid so Im eager to get it topped back up to the max mark.


Can anyone recommend a good fluid for the focus (2009 1.6 zetec)  that I can top up with? the original fluid in the reservoir is from a official ford dealership service so I take it its the spec that they use/recommend but can I mix in any from local auto shop/halfords or whats the best to use?


Haynes book states ESD-M6C57-A super DOT4 Paraffin-free


I think thats also in the focus manual as well so anything that meets this spec should be ok to mix in?


Thanks all in advanced.

Heater Settings

30 September 2014 - 10:46 AM

whats the best settings to clear the rear passengers windows when they are misted up. when the family get into the car from the rain the rear windows mist up and it really annoys me as I have tryed all sorts of settings on the heater.


so here is a few questions?


1) Obliviously warm/cold is tune to full warm (red) but it is best to have the A/C button on when on warm setting or is this just used for the cold air setting? 


2) what is the best air flow position on the heater controls for rear window demisting? I use the front and rear heated button to demist these but the passenger windows I'm lost.



also on a side note.

I never use the parking lights on the light control just the side lights (Until Now lol!). Now i just found out there is a parking light function and noticed that it only works when ignition is off . can this be just turned to the left to be activated when parked at night on a road ect and how long can this be left on this mode for?



Focus Ecu Reset & Learn

29 September 2014 - 11:30 AM

ok I have been reading a few articles on resetting the ecu of a car and how it may help various things like mpg and stuff like that.


I have decided to give this a go as I want to see for myself if it makes any differences. To be clear my car is fully serviced and running 100% only iggle I have is a slight lack of pull/throttle feeling when I'm pulling on hills ect. So I decided to try a reset first just to see.


The aim of this test is basically to see if any difference can be noticed in any way or form.

I can not find a guide of sorts but I plan to do the following:


1)Disconnect  Battery Negative terminal.

2) Let car sit for 1hour to discharge all.

3) reconnect Terminals

4) Start car allow to idle for 10 - 15 min without touching accelerator

5) Take for a drive and drive the way I normally do

6) Continue my normal driving style throughout the week/Month and see if there is any kind of difference at all.


any Input here would be greatly welcomed and encase any one suggests yes I do have the radio code so don't worry lol!



I Read that James (Jeebowhite) has reset his mondeo and I think his cmax and he noticed an improvement in the mpg and I have also read that some people suggest a reset after each service or change of a senor, air intake as in a sense this changes the environment of the engine (example new or updated air filter will allow more  or clean air through so ecu can adjust or alter other things to suit this change in the engines environment ect) 


Now to be clear I'm not saying this works or does not work I'm just restating what I have read and heard from others hence the reason I would like to try this out for myself.


so any advice or input is greatly welcomed here and hopefully by the end we should all have a good insight in how the ecu works and if a reset actually does or may help.


Thanks for reading.




Focus In Car Entertainment & Gadgets

10 September 2014 - 10:23 AM

Hi fella's  :)


I'm looking to change my head unit in the focus. I thought if starting this thread to discuss all forms of in car entertainment from Sat Navs, Cd players to In car dash cams and other In car gadgets.


The idea here is to discuss what others have installed and the good and bad points and maybe come up with a list of the "Best for the price" in car Gadgets so any one who is looking for advice or anything can just come to this thread and see what everyone's opinion is on the best priced gadgets.




Since I'm looking to get a new head unit I think we may start with these as there are a good few out there. I came across this one one eBay.


FORD 7089CU 7"


Ford mx-6004B







Now I do know some of these units as a few issues in the earlier version but from some reviews I have read these are getting some very positive comments. i also love the way they look OEM fitted when installed.




Three are a few different ones on this listing here :


Ford focus In car Sat Nav Units


A Few questions to anyone who may have one.


Does anybody have any of these installed?


What Model have you got?


How is it preforming ?


what do you think it it for the money ?



Any pictures or video of it installed or working would be great and helpful to others when choosing one


Thanks To All.