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Focus In Car Entertainment & Gadgets

10 September 2014 - 10:23 AM

Hi fella's  :)


I'm looking to change my head unit in the focus. I thought if starting this thread to discuss all forms of in car entertainment from Sat Navs, Cd players to In car dash cams and other In car gadgets.


The idea here is to discuss what others have installed and the good and bad points and maybe come up with a list of the "Best for the price" in car Gadgets so any one who is looking for advice or anything can just come to this thread and see what everyone's opinion is on the best priced gadgets.




Since I'm looking to get a new head unit I think we may start with these as there are a good few out there. I came across this one one eBay.


FORD 7089CU 7"


Ford mx-6004B







Now I do know some of these units as a few issues in the earlier version but from some reviews I have read these are getting some very positive comments. i also love the way they look OEM fitted when installed.




Three are a few different ones on this listing here :


Ford focus In car Sat Nav Units


A Few questions to anyone who may have one.


Does anybody have any of these installed?


What Model have you got?


How is it preforming ?


what do you think it it for the money ?



Any pictures or video of it installed or working would be great and helpful to others when choosing one


Thanks To All.


Drl Insurance Situation

09 September 2014 - 03:21 PM

OK here is the problem.......

Seeing every ones DRL fog surrounds I came around to the idea of installing some as they do look good but also for the safety aspect of it.

Now before buying them I thought I would ask my insurance (axa direct ni) if they offer any discounts for having them. Of course they don't (suprise suprise) but they actually never heard of them! ????????

So they put me on hold when I explained all to them and came back with "we look at this as a modification and so you will need to get an engineers report to send to them stateing they been installed correctly and the car is still road worthy"!!!!!!!!!

I explained to them that I do all my own car work of any sort and have done for the last 12 years so I would not be leaving the car in to Pay someone to get them installed therefore I could not provide the document they want. I also ask if the car passed Mot or if I got an Mot personell to look at the vehicle after they had been installed to confirm road legal and road worthy of car but they said this would not be of any use and only a engineers report would do.

Now has any one had any issues installing their DRL lights and informing their insurance company? To be honest I'm that pi##ed of over it I have gone totally of installing them and have lost a bit of interest in the car, I was looking forward to the DRL installation like.

Any advice would be welcomed at this point


Quick Question On Led Circuit

06 September 2014 - 02:23 PM

I'm in the middle of wiring a circuit to add cup holder lights following Pree's guide and some advice from Lenny but I was wondering a few things before I proceed any further. I'm installing an inline fuse and a on/off rocker switch.
1) Does a switch go on the positive or negative feed?
I'm think Positive but just need a second opinion first.
2) Does an inline fuse go on positive or negative feed?
Once again I'm think the positive feed but just would like to confirm this.
3) I am splicing into car dash lighting wiring so does the inline fuse holder go before the switch on the circuit or after the switch and before the LED strip?
I have put together 2 examples to explain.
Example 1
DASH WIRING ------------{INLINE FUSE HOLDER}--------------(SWITCH)--------------LED STRIP
Example 2
DASH WIRING -------------(SWITCH)----------------{INLINE FUSE HOLDER}-------------LED STRIP.
At a Guess I would say example 1 but again just need a second opinion.

Number Plate Question???

02 September 2014 - 03:36 PM

has any one used this place to get number plates made up?




I came across it and wouldn't mind getting new plates made up for my focus. I liked the 3D carbon print with the black border they do and the way you can customize a slogan.


Has any one (especially from Ireland) used this service and are they all road legal plates that can be used in Ireland (all over) and rest of the UK (all over) that wont get your pulled over and will pass M.O.T ok?






Focus Information

02 September 2014 - 12:23 PM

Does anyone have a brochures PDF for the pre facelift mk2?
I only have a mk2.5 PDF one but I'm trying to find out the spec of a 2006 lx mk2 and if it has a heated front window?
I think though that a lx may be one of the lower end specs above studio maybe so it won't have it.

Need to settle a family (heated lol!) Discussion of the differences between 09 mk2.6 zetec trim and a 06 mk2 Lx model but some people.......... Lol!

So the actual brochure should Help refaree the situation.