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Are These Any Good? Aircon Tools

Today, 01:34 AM

Just adding to the toolbox and was looking at air con tools. Came acoss these things and want to know are they handy to have in the tool box? has anybody used these and are they any good? (link below s just an example  :) ) can the gauges be used to see of aircon gas is low before going to a garage for a refill?


http://www.amazon.co...ng recharge kit




Thanks  :)

Car Interior & Other Stuff

11 February 2015 - 11:28 AM

Hi fellas

As I'm in the process of some new seat covers I though this thread may be useful to recommend stuff like what others use to keep inside of car clean in terms of dash polish,seat covers, mats, air freshener ect. So feel free to recommend the best tried and tested car cleaners/protectors for onside and outside of the car. Hopefully it can point someone in the right direction without having to buy a lot of different types of products through trail and error to see what works for them.


At The moment I use auto glym vinyl & rubber care for interior and outside trim. Any other stuff better than this please do recommend.


so down to the question I want to ask about regarding seat covers. I was in talks with Lenny a few months back regarding his seat covers in his focus. At the prsesnt I have walser type ones which are a great fit (two sections on the seats) but after 2 years are wearing out  :(  and makes the inside look bad. Having kids in the car, I was looking at water proof ones and Lenny recommend the ones he has "Cosmos Hi-Extra Heavy Duty" which he says are very hard wearing and I think that would suit my purpose.

Here is the link Below to a few versions:


Grey/silver set



Red trim set (The set I'm thinking of getting)




they also come in all black and a blue trim set.


So has any one sued these before and how do you find them?

are they like the cheaper plastic material that the halfords value ones are made of?

what are they like installed/fitted?


If any one has any pictures of them installed please do post as I wouldn't mind seeing what they look like in the focus.


What other seat covers do you guys use and is there any seats out there with the ford logo printed on them?


Thanks for reading fellas.



Focus Mk2.5 Rear Brakes Drum Version

02 February 2015 - 09:18 PM

Just looking advice on the rear brake drums on the mk2.5 .
I recently removed the drums to check rear shoes for mot. And drums being tight to get of I had to use a bit of force 😠 so long story short I broke the small caps that sit over the cylinder ends. All is built up and working Ok but I never saw this before on the Ford's I have had in the past.
They look like guides to keep the shoes from pulling of the piston ends maybe when removing rear drums but can any one tell me do I really need these and where I could get a new set.

I checked them out on microcat but the part is not listed?????

Any info on these would be great.

Thanks in advance.


21 January 2015 - 11:20 AM

Hi Guys


Im looking to get a home setup for my focus so I can read live data and that sort of thing.

I have a basic obd code reader but I have had it a few years now and have been reading about this elm327 setup alongside forscan.


can anyone tell me more about this for examples what exactly it is and how it works?

Can it be used for live data streams and checking readings on different sensors ect?

Is it as close as the home DIY mechanic will get to what ford techs use in the dealership?


sound like a useful too/gadget I have read that some people are using it to take dpf readings in graph form ect so I was thinking this may be a useful piece of kit to have.




anyone who has it let me know what you think of it as well and if it has proved to be useful to you.






18 January 2015 - 08:06 PM

I recently bleed the brake system and Im a tiny bit low on brake fluid  (just above Minimum :wacko: ). I know that this fluid reservoir also supply's the clutch system with fluid so Im eager to get it topped back up to the max mark.


Can anyone recommend a good fluid for the focus (2009 1.6 zetec)  that I can top up with? the original fluid in the reservoir is from a official ford dealership service so I take it its the spec that they use/recommend but can I mix in any from local auto shop/halfords or whats the best to use?


Haynes book states ESD-M6C57-A super DOT4 Paraffin-free


I think thats also in the focus manual as well so anything that meets this spec should be ok to mix in?


Thanks all in advanced.