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27 March 2015 - 06:25 PM

can anyone recommend a decent torque wrench?


don't need anything too fancy and don't want to spend a fortune as it will only be used a few times a year for wheels and maybe the odd timing belt change.

I was thinking about this one as it seems to have decent reviews any thoughts or recommendations?  


http://www.amazon.co...s=torque wrench



also is there a timeing tool kit available for the focus when changing the belt? anyone got a part number for it?


Thanks  :)





Workshop Manual

26 March 2015 - 01:21 AM

Has anyone got any pdf files or screen shots from any of the Timing belt changing manuals that would cover the mk2.5 1.6 zetec focus?


been looking to buy the auto data timing belts 2012 book from amazon but seems to be out of stock for a good while now.


are they any manuals for this job (timing belt change) anyone can recommend?

at the moment all I have to go with is the Haynes workshop manual.


Thanks in advanced.

Timeing Belt Guide/tips

25 March 2015 - 01:06 AM

Ok fellas


Its service time next month and I will be doing this myself as usual but this time since the focus is around 80,000 I want to also do the belt.


I will be replacing the belt with a timing belt kit and also more likely the water pump as well just when I'm at it.


Has any one got any guides/tips or recommend manuals  for doing the belt as the Haynes book briefly goes over it.


also I was thinking of picking up the following tools to help with locking the timing before belt removal.


Timing Lock kit:


http://www.amazon.co...rd timing toold


also want to upgrade from cordless impact wrench to more powered electric one as air compressor is no longer an option so was wondering what you guys thought of the following to aid with things like crank pully bolts ect:


Electric Impact:

http://www.amazon.co...c impact wrench



and to top it all of ( :) lol!) I need a new torque wrench for doing up the bolts when fitting the timing belt. so due to reviews and not wanting to overspend I was looking at this one which I thought looked decent and should do the job:


Tourque wrench

http://www.amazon.co...s=torque wrench




any thoughts or tips welcome.


Thanks  :)








Battle Of The Polishes!!!!!

02 March 2015 - 12:16 PM

ok fellas I usually use the autoglym products as they get good reviews and do a decent all round job. Recently I have been told about a product that's been on market I think for a long time now and as a few different varieties (like all the products for car cleaning lol!) .


So what I want to ask is has anybody heard or used this product and is it any better than the usual stuff like autoglym ect and would it be safe enough for the paintwork?


The product in talks here is called "Mer".


Here are some links tot he stuff and a video link showing it in action.


Now the fella who told me about this swears by it but I myself dont know to be honest as I have not used it but if anyone has used this before let me know what your thoughts are.




also feel free to recommed any other products as summer is coming and it that time of year to get the cars all cleaned up.



Link to product:







Video link1 :



Video link 2:




Are These Any Good? Aircon Tools

01 March 2015 - 01:34 AM

Just adding to the toolbox and was looking at air con tools. Came acoss these things and want to know are they handy to have in the tool box? has anybody used these and are they any good? (link below s just an example  :) ) can the gauges be used to see of aircon gas is low before going to a garage for a refill?


http://www.amazon.co...ng recharge kit




Thanks  :)