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Car Winter Preperation!!!!

20 September 2015 - 10:03 AM

ok fellas



nearly that time of the year again when the weather gets very unpredictable lol!


im looking new wipers for the front and back window of the focus. Now I did  buy the bosch ones last year and was not very impressed to be honest. yes they did a great job but i did expect them to last way longer than 10 months or so. i have cleaned the window with every other cleaner and method i could think of  and tried an old set and they cleaned better than the bosch ones but they where done so I need to renew.


the bosh wones are juddering on the wip up motion and just smear the glass which in heavy rain leaves the visibility very poor and not to mention the noise of they rubbing across the glass.



so I think im goin to try a set of the cheaper ones as im not that sold on buying the bosch ones again. Has any body used the cheaper ones like this:





any other recommendations are welcomes, I think the ford ones themselves are a bit pricey as well.

Power Steering Question!!

31 August 2015 - 01:35 PM

I took a spin in a relatives 2010 cmax 1.6 zetec and noticed that the steering was a lot lighter than in my focus. Is this normal as I though they where practically the same car more or less? 

09 Zetec 1.6 Injector Question

24 August 2015 - 05:49 PM

Ok fellas just a question here on injectors. Recently I have suffered a bit of loss of power in the car over the last few months and I have been trying to source the issue. I tested plugs, leads and coil and I think all seems to be fine.  I also set the plug gap to 1.0mm which is smoother but made no major difference. The air filter was renewed and I can not see any air leaks ect in any pipes. Fuel pump is working good and seems to be 100%. Symptoms are car idles ok but in 1st and 2nd gear it has no power, 3rd gear the power comes in. also up steep hills i have to drop a gear where as before i did not and the same when overtaking as well. 


I have thought of 2 other things it might be


- Injectors 

was thinking maybe dirty or have a weak spray ect


- Vacuum hose on fuel tank clogged.

* I dont know much about this one but here it is any ways lol!*


I read about a vacuum/ventilation hose on the fuel tank that if clogged reduces the amount of fuel going to the engine. a symptom of this was a hiss when the fuel cap is open which I do get when i open mine but i personally thought this was normal??


so I though I try the injectors to see if it helps. I have a few questions:


1) if injectors are dirty will they throw a code?

2) can acceleration/ overtaking power be reduced with a dirty injector?

3) what's the best way to clean these or maintain them?



I have used redex and cataclean at different times lst year and was thinking maybe they moved some dirt about or something that maybe has clogged an injector up. Also when car is idling i can here a type of clicking coming from the injectors . its not a tapping like engine noise though its differently coming from the injector area.




any Advice or information would be welcomed here. As I say car is starting and driving 100% only for a slight decrease in power and its a bit annoying so just trying to see if I can narrow it down a bit.



Quick Question About Oil?

21 August 2015 - 10:04 AM

I ordered some oil for the car castrol 5w 30 A1 as I always have used this in past services, but I got sent out castrol 5w30 A5. Is the A5 still OK to use and what is the difference between them? Car that is in question is the mk2.5 focus
1.6 zetec.

Phones & Gadgets!!!

06 August 2015 - 10:49 PM

ok fellas recently I was driving around a roundabout and my phone jumped from one end of the car to the next so I decided its time to get a phone holder or something lol!


I have looked around and saw those non slip mats but not to keen on them and I also saw the suction cup type cradle holder fro phones. I don't want anything sticking to the window as such but was thinking about modding one of those cradles to the dash in the OBD area to hold the phone there.


I just want to know what do you guys use if any to hold your phones and or gadgets in place inside the car? any recommendation for a good little phone holder for the mk2 focus is welcomed.  :)