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Here She Is!!

13 October 2013 - 03:01 PM

Well picked the wifes new fiesta up yesterday, despite the contstant rain i am loving this engine.


Still needs to run inabit and the tyres obviously still abit slippy until bedded in, but so far after filling it up with High octance V power ultra and fitting a K&N air filter she is sounding great!




















I also changed the number plate lights for white LEDs and they look much better next to the DRLs and Puddle Lamps.


My only problem is that after changing the rear number plate lights, the actual surrounds are now loose and dont fit tightly back into the holes, anyone else have this problem?


Will get some night pics up later.


Also fitted a boot liner.


Next up....titanium badge and got to fit the smoked wind deflectors

New Engine Oil?

28 July 2013 - 10:20 AM



As i have now ordered and am waiting my partners fiesta in around 7 weeks, i thought i would do some research on oil required for the new ecoboost 1.0 turo engine.


I am a little confused by my findings and wondered if anyone could help.


Ford state the new 5w, 20 oil is required with the new engines and this meets the WSS-M2C948-B requirement.


However most sites i have checked state that the older 5w, 30 still meets the WSS-M2C948-B requirement?


Anyone know which should be used, either the Castrol 5w, 20 or the Castrol 5w, 30?


It would seem 5w, 30 meets both WSS-M2C948-B and WSS-M2C913C requirements

Wheel Fitment

21 July 2013 - 07:47 AM

Hi all,


I have just ordered the wifes fiesta with the 17" Zetec S alloys with 205/40/17 tyres.


Firstly can anyone tell me if the fitment on the wheels is the same as that from a 2011 pre-face lift fiesta?


Secondly i have a set of the fiesta 2011 15" Alloys with winter tyres, anyone know if these will fit ok?


I am assuming they will as the tyres are much higher profile and are the equivilent of the 16" alloys with low profile tyres, i am just hoping they clear the calipers at the front.


If not i will just have to buy 205/40/17 winter tyres and swap them over.





After a little playing about i compared to the two tyre sizes and they are not far out, so as long as they fit the new fiesta i think i will be ok



Although i change the 15" tyres to a 55 profile it is almost exactly the same as a 40 profile on a 17" alloy

Green Fiesta St!!

12 July 2013 - 09:30 AM

Shame they don't do this colour on our side of the pond.


I would have jumped at it.


New Car

12 July 2013 - 08:42 AM

Hi all,


Just joined the site so i can keep my ear to the ground with problems and also ask for any help if i need it (hopefully not)


Anyway i am just about to order the missis a new Fiesta and wondered if the spec/deal sounded good?



Fiesta Titanium 1.0 Turbo (125ps) 3dr in Frozen White with:-


1. Driver Assisstance pack.

2. Spare wheel

3. Rear View Camera

4. Upgraded 17" Zetec S alloys

5. Full dress up kit

6. Changing the titanium front grilles for Zetec S honeycomb grilles.


All for £14825?


It worked out cheaper to get a titanium with the zetec S bodykit, rather than have a Zetec S with all the options, plus the titanium has a much better spec and quality interior.