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Fiesta Lowering Springs Help

26 March 2015 - 11:14 AM

Hi all,


Well I've finally got round to it and should be lowering my mk5 ZS replica by 55/60mm this weekend - and yes I will be using spring compressors :D


Couple of questions though:


1 - Will I need to get the tracking/wheel alignment done after fitting the new springs?


2 - Will the new springs put extra stress on the standard shock absorbers and other standard components? No intention of uprating them, just want to know so I can keep an eye on them.


As always, thanks for any help :)

Changing Fiesta Ecu

06 January 2015 - 10:58 AM



I've had a bit of a problem when changing the locks in my mk5 fiesta, was moving the transponder from the old key to the new key and it shattered and is stuck in the old key. It does still work but I don't want to risk moving it now.


The cheapest option would be to swap the ECU out for a replacement that came with key transponders etc.


Anyway, I've been reading that the code on the ECU must match the one in the car already (EG, JEER or CLIP).


Does this matter if I was to change the transponder ring aswell (around the lock barrel) with a matching one to the new ECU, or is there more to it than that.


Ie. would this one work http://www.ebay.co.u...=STRK:MEBIDX:IT


Sorry if this is a bit confusing.


Would appreciate your help,



Mk5 Fiesta 1.3 - Looks A Bit Like A Zetec S And Custom Audio

31 December 2014 - 04:35 PM

Well I've had the car about 6 months, so I thought it was about time I made a log of the progress made on it. Some of you may know from my previous threads that when I bought this car it was pretty much scrap, only paid a bit more than scrap value for it. So I didn't really intend on doing much to it, just have it as a daily driver to preserve my mk3...and then everything went wrong.


The biggest change (and the most recent) is the addition of the zetec s bodykit and front grille


WP 20141231 001
WP 20141231 002
Then there are a few other zetec s parts...
WP 20141231 012
WP 20141231 015
WP 20141231 011
Now I never really set out to make this look like a zetec s, I just thought I'd change something and I liked the zetec s stuff.


The other significant change is the audio installation, now with this I have actually done it properly, see my signature for the exact specs. I have created a false floor in the boot with a 3/4" cavity in which to run wires (thanks to Lenny for the inspiration from his build thread). This was created out of MDF and holes have been drilled to allow the cables to come out at the correct points. Also my 1 farad capacitor is sunk in slightly to hold it in place.
WP 20141231 003
WP 20141231 004


As you can see there a couple of cables to finish off before it is perfect. And subwoofer (which faces the seat backs for punchier bass) locks everything in. That subwoofer Vibe 12" is really impressive, especially when powered by the Pyle. Now I am not someone who likes unnecessary amounts of bass, just good quality sound (but it can do unnecessary amounts if needed) :D
My front speakers are currectly FLI 5" intergrators (temporarily) as my vibe components had issues, but I still have the Climax Audio tweeters (which are epic) connected and the top end is amazingly clear (and I'm used to decent speakers in the house (I have some Mission 753 Freedoms)).
Went for parcel shelf 6x9s because the factory rears are only 4" so this restricts what I can do. Unlike most 6x9s these are mounted properly with some 1/2 MDF keeping them completely solid, improving mid range and bass. This can also be removed completely with the quick release connector as seen in the picture.
WP 20141231 005
WP 20141231 007
WP 20141231 006


With them being completly black they don't stand out to much (which I like) nice and subtle.


Also have changed the headunit for a Sony, this is only an interim one until a find one I really like ( I had this one in stock :D ). Having said that it is a good one, just a few years old.


Next to find is some ZS rear seats...


Comments welcome.


Had The Mot Today...

29 July 2014 - 07:13 PM

Some of you may know I recently acquired a mk5 fiesta for £190 that needed a bit (sorry, a lot) of work (more economical to scrap it, but I enjoy a challenge) - fancied a project, well here's what's left to do.


Well I knew it would fail, I just wanted to see how much work needed doing. The good news is that all the welding work I have done was good enougn to pass (ended up doing 9 repair patches in the end. However it failed on:


1. Offside headlamp beam incorrect - not bothered, easy fix.


2. Nearside rear trailing arm bush - that was a surprise.


3. Offside outer sill corroded around seatbelt mounting - opposite side to where I did the other welding - annoyed I missed that.


4 Brake efficiency at 36% - knew it would fail on brakes ordered new discs and pads.


There was also 12 advisories (wont list them all) but one of them was: 


016 Sill covers fitted not allowing full inspection of sills. What happens to all the zetec s's in the country or is it that mine have been added??


On the whole quite pleased, not too much more work to do, already spent the last 4 weekends doing the work so am relieved it's all not been wasted.

Mk5 Fiesta - Picking It Up At The Weekend :)

18 June 2014 - 08:16 PM

Won this on an eBay auction the other day, looked too good to not buy! Not to replace my MK3 (doubt I'll be selling that for a long time - the condition is too good).

If the insurance works out I might drive this one instead.


Seems like a decent little car, £190 with tax and MOT (albeit short). 77,000 miles and the interior looks unmarked. The usual rust issues though.


Just need to stick a zetec s bodykit on it :)


$ 12
$ 12 (5)
$ 12 (4)
$ 12 (1)
$ 12 (6)
$ 12 (7)
$ 12 (8)