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Pillar Gauge

Yesterday, 09:24 AM

I am planning to fit a 52mm gauge in the windscreen pillar on drivers side on my mk2.5. Ive seen focus rs have been fitting boost gauges there.. Wondered if there was an fitting guides as i cant seem to find any?

Also does anyone know the finis code for the pillar trim in cream so that i can modify it.

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Dual 501 Bulb Splitter

07 August 2015 - 10:09 AM

Anybody know if there is any such thing as a dual 501 bulb splitter on the market?

I want to get two sets of lights off the footwell light holder for an idea im playing with. Not sure if it would cut down the power or create fire risk as just straight power from feed?

Dont want to tap into wiring if i can help it as it is a trial and error.

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Mk2.5 Gearknob Insert

27 June 2015 - 02:23 PM

Does anyone know where i can buy a 5speed silver gearknob insert for my mk2.5? Im bored with the black one on my zetec. Seen the RS one with blue graphic but it is 6speed only

Also seen custom carbon ones but ££!

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Battery Drain Problem

03 May 2015 - 07:13 AM

Fitted two sunvisor 7inch screens to my focus, linked up to a switch which is powered from perm live off cig lighter. Also i have my mobious dashcam linked up to same switch so that i can switch all off while not using.
On other side, i have another switch for my rear cam as i hooked it up to same perm live too so that it is on for towing purposes. But can be switched off when not using.
Havent used my car for a few days and battery was dead! Could there be a slow power draw from all the stuff i have off the perm live? Should i hook up to ignition live instead to solve this problem?

Hope all makes sense and someone can help with electrical solutions.

Additional Power Sources

22 March 2015 - 08:52 AM

Wondered if anyone could help me..

I have spurred my dashcam, rear view camera, extra usb powerlines and my towbar power all off the 12v socket.

I will be getting teo sunvisor screens to go in my car too and wanted to spur off the same power so that i can switch them on and off with an installed switch. Will all this be too much overload for the supplied 12v socket fuse?

Any guides on how to install additional fuse to the fusebox so that i can take some of the loads off?

Help is much appreciated

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