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01 March 2009 - 07:15 PM

hi everyone just got me a mk5 fiesta on friday 52 plate 1.25 zetec se i probably paid over the odds for it but i fell in love as soon as i saw it ideally a wanted a focus hence my name but thanx to the recession i had to budget but i`m happy with my lil fizzbomb give the car a good going over only 2 find that the rear arches are starting to rust :( i wanna get this nailed on the head before it gets real bad and i have to get new arches welded on is it worth it? or should i just wait and get new rear arches welded on at a later date? any opinions would be helpfull :)

I had this problem on my 52 plate...the main cause of the problem is MUD !! The MUD retains moisture and over time
it eats away at the metal, get yourself a hose & wash out all the MUD & C... that has collected over the years, i took the
arch liners out so I could remove the last scrap of dirt. When it's all dry (next day) get down to Halfords & buy some WAXOIL
black underseal and coat all the wheelhouse (especially under the lip of the arch), when that's cured (doesn't really dry)
re-fit the liners.
Now for the rust.....your going to have to rub down the area and treat with CURERUST & then fill / Paint.
Sounds like a mammoth chor but will be worth all the hassle & save you a fortune later on !!