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In Topic: Mk3 Rear Bumper Removal

20 July 2013 - 01:20 AM

Hello, I just added a towbar to my mk3 yesterday with help
from this post. I live down under and assuming the cars are all the same around
the world the following is how I did it.


Behind the rear wheels are 3 x screws (rear end side of arch,
they are a 6 star screw head, i used a small ratchet and screw head)....remove


I have a hatch back so in mine open the hatch and next to
the tail lights are 2 screws one on each side....remove these.

Now slid under the rear of the car and you will see 2 x
plastic push on screws holding the bottom of the bumper....remove these.


While your under the car locate the connector for the rear
parking sensors (mine was on the drivers side) this will slide off its support
and unclip this.


That’s it, now go to one wheel arch and lift up the
bumper with force then pull the upper part away from the car, do the same with
the other side and the whole thing will come off.


Good luck