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Im Thinking Of Buying A Ford Van, Help Please.

13 December 2013 - 03:27 PM

Hello all and thanks for reading my post.
I am 2 month away from my first years no claims and can re-mot my fiesta.

Basically im looking for a van which is good for a first time van owner. I am saving up and when I get full MoT on my fiesta I will sell that and put the money towards a van.
Does anyone one know what sort of van is reliable and has half decent MPG?
Also what sort of prices should i be looking for? Im not to bothered of the age. My first van has to be quite cheap and while im hear how much could i get for my 1996 Fiesta Mk4 lx ghia 1.3?

Iv been wanting a van for a wile now but I dont know anything about them and what is good or not.
Any help and info will be much appreciated.
Thanks in advance for any help.

Identify This Hose And Use.

27 October 2013 - 03:16 PM

Hello all and thanks for reading, I will make it as quick as posible.

I was having a quick look over my car the other day and noticed a hose that leads from the top of the oil cap towards the front of the engine was not plugged in anywhere. I noticed my oil levels have been going a little quicker than usual so i thought i best ask you all. Iv never noticed it before till yesterday.
Is this ment to be plugged in somewhere or is it just for breathing? I have attached 2 pictures.


Ford Fiesta Mk4 Ghia 1996 Upgrade Tips.

21 July 2013 - 11:39 PM

Hello all and if this message is a little long please skip to the last section.

I am new and I would like to know a few things about my. 1996 Ford Fiesta 1.3 Ghia. Basically I have got it for my first car and it is a great little thing, it drives like a charm and feels great to handle. I picked it up for £250 which was a bargain and i took it into college wile i was training to be a level 2 fast fit mechanic and fixed many minor problems on my own and gave it a whole new set of tyres and door wiring looms. It did not passs its MOT when it was due then as there was welding that was not correctly done by the previous owner but I was lucky enough to get it done for free which took the person doing it nearly 2 days to prepair it and weld. I have been driving it for about 7 months now, I started on a provisonal licence then I passed my test on the 24th of june and since then I have driven around on my own.

I have test drove a fair few cars now and I still think mine feels the nicest through the steering wheel. It has no power steering and no abs etc.
The car has a big exhaust and is lowered by a previous owner. I'm not a huge fan as it scrapes being so low on speed humps.
Is it just a machine and driver. The car is now 17 years old and has had 16 owners with about 110 miles.

I hear cars loose bhp over time and I would like to know of some good ways to gain those bhp back or add some by upgradig some parts that wont brake the bank.
Also I would like to make it look a little nicer inside and out, it has a lot of scrahes on the roof and others scattered around the car which I know it will most prob need a paint job which I'm not bothered about for now.
I am trying to avoid getting rid of it because it is my first car and it is very fun to drive.
If anyone has any hints or tips or any info at all on what I can do to it I would be very greatful...
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Hello All, I Am New Hear.

20 July 2013 - 12:22 PM

Hi to all.
I am new hear and I have only been driving for about 8 months. I am now 27 years of age so I started late.
I own a Ford Fiesta Mk4 1996 in dark green and 16 previous owners which is my first ittar that i had got for a early christmas gift.
I have been looking for another car but all the cars iv driven don't feel as nice or fun to drive. The feel of the little car feels great though the steering. It is just a shell and engine and it feels great to drive, I have driven other cars like,
Vauxhall Vectra 1.6L
Skoda Fabia (very bad)
Ford Focus 2002 TDDI 1.8L
Ford Ecoboost 2012 1.0L
I have driven a few others but I still havent found a car as fun to drive than my Fiesta mk4 1.3
I have found my fiesta to be the most fun to drive but it just doesnt have enough power, it is 17 years old now and I would like to know or easy ways to gain a few more bhp from the old engine. When I got the car it already had a larger exhaust and seems to have been lowered. I changed the tyres from 155 to 165 for a Touch of extra grip. Basically id like to gain more power or maybe find the bhp that it would have lost over time.