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#296502 Knocking Sound While Driving

Posted by WinDrop on 13 October 2013 - 06:10 PM

Right, Ok. This is really weird now...

I installed new brake disks and pads today and also took a look at the CV Joint. CV Boot is not damaged, it's absolutely fine there.

BUT!!! After I changed the brake pads and disks the knocking sound disappeared. I don't hear it anymore. How can this happen?

#296326 Knocking Sound While Driving

Posted by WinDrop on 12 October 2013 - 07:58 PM


I did a 50 mile journey today and found something very funny.

I can hear the knocking noise only when I drive at around 15-35mph limit.
If I drive faster or slower then that I will never hear the sound.

I haven't actually took the wheel off, will do it tomorrow, but I'm just curious  shouldn't drive shaft be knocking at any speed?
When I was at MOT I was told that most likely it's the brake pad that knocks because it's at it's limit but I don't really believe that brake pad could knock like that...


Any ideas at all?

#296130 Knocking Sound While Driving

Posted by WinDrop on 11 October 2013 - 04:57 PM

Once again. Thank you for the very detailed information.

I will try to make some time tomorrow to actually lift the car up and take off the wheel so I can take a closer look at the CV Joint.

Will also make some pictures so I can post them up here for you to take a look at them.


I have been quoted £70 for a CV Joint replacement, the price is including labour.

I think it's not that bad to be honest. But before I actually go for it I will try my best to inspect the Joint myself to see is it that or not.


Once again. Thank you for the detailed explanation. Will keep you updated. 

#295915 Knocking Sound While Driving

Posted by WinDrop on 10 October 2013 - 09:45 PM

Thank you very much for the detailed information.


What can happen if this CV Joint won't get fixed?

Can anything serious happen? Can I make long jorneys? I have to drive to the airport on saturday which is 60 miles one way.

By the way. I'm already driving with this noise for about a week now.

It doesn't really change. Doesn't get worst or anything.

The funniest thing is that you can't hear it from outside. You can only hear it slightly from inside of the car.


What could be the average price to change the CV Joint?

Hopefully it's going to be less then 100 quid :)

Also, If I will change it. Would you recommend to change both front cv joints at the same time? Just in case you know...

Or there isn't really big point doing it?



#295854 Knocking Sound While Driving

Posted by WinDrop on 10 October 2013 - 06:12 PM

Hi Guys,

Damn I hate this car already...I do believe that previous owner never looked after it...
Anyway, The problem that I have now is when I drive straight I hear weird knocking sound in my left wheel. It's not wheel bearing as I have changed that couple of weeks ago. So no chance that it's the wheel bearing.

Funniest thing is that when I press the break pedal a tiny bit (maybe like 1cm or so...) the sound dissapears.


Can it be something to do with the brake pads?
I have passed MOT last week and one of the advisories for next MOT were brake pads and brake discs but not sure can they actually knock like that...
It's not loud, it's only a little bit, and mainly when I drive straight.


I have been told that it might as well be drive shaft. But I think that that knocks only when you turn the steering wheel till the very end.


I have bought the brake discs and pads already as wanted to change them pure simply because they are advised to change for next MOT.

But I would also like to know how to check the drive shaft. 

How can I find out what exactly is making that stupid knocking sound?



Hope that you will be able to help me.