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Ford Ka Endura Engine Catalytic Converter

01 May 2014 - 10:58 AM

Hi, Posted here last year re trouble starting my KA.  Car had previously had bad leak out of thermostat housing. Previous owner blamed wife claiming the head was probably cracked.I removed head ...perfect. Checked ignition, fuel system, timing.... all good.   I was stumped.

Just recently got to the bottom of it.

Removed oxy sensor and car started albeit running rough. My conclusion is that coolant had made its way into CC and badly corroded and blocked it. Seems like o2 sensor telling ECU "don't allow engine to start as exhaust gases have nowhere to go". So now I need a new CC.

my questions....

What are my chances that a secondhand CC that will do the job?

Is there anything which will indicate visually that CC is OK (or not OK)?

Are there any other Ford models which used this particular CC? Ford KA thin on the ground here in Oz and Ford new part is ridiculously expensive.

Look forward to hearing your views.



24 August 2013 - 02:04 AM

Hi All,

I have a starting problem with my 2001 Ka (1.3 Endura engine). I'm hoping there's a diagnostics guru out there who can point me in the right direction.


When I turn on the car it will fire up for a few seconds and then die. Does not respond to throttle. Sounds like it's running on all cylinders. If I try again it will not fire.

What I've done so far

New fuel filter, new air filter. New spark plugs. Checked ICV looks OK. All hoses on manifold in good apparent condition.

Have also checked for fault codes with scanner. No faults showing. Engine light not on. When I scroll through MIL Menu it says O2S and HO2S "not ready". Is this abnormal?

It seems to me there is some kind of fuelling problem but where to start?

Hope someone can give me a lead to next steps.




Testing Coil Pack

13 August 2013 - 02:46 AM


Still tryin to get my 2001 ka running. Starts momentarily then dies??? Haynes manual troubleshooting suggests vacuum leak on manifold or ignition coil breakdown. Checked ICV ..looks Ok not carboned up. O ring seals on ICV look a bit dodgy..will replace these. Have replaced plugs and fuel filter. Pump sounds OK (runs for a couple of seconds when key turned).

My questions are...

What are likely sources of vacuum leak?

Can I test coil pack by taking out plug and then attaching to lead and holding a couple of mm off engine block to see if spark arcs to block? I know this works with traditional ignition (coil + distributor) but just want to check that I won't damage coil pack or ECU using this test on the Ka.

As always your help is appreciated.


Spark Plug Alternatives

08 August 2013 - 02:16 PM


The existing NGK plugs look a bit average so I thought I'd replace them. Was rather gobsmacked when I discovered these plugs are $20 each here in Oz. Seems a bit odd that a low tech and low performance motor should require such expensive performance plugs. They are long life plug but that's not such a great thing if they're left in the head for too long in 1.3 Endura .

Has anyone tried a less expensive alternative with the same heat rating etc as the NGK PTR5D?


Is there some technical reason why this motor needs these high spec plugs?

Look forward to the wisdom.


Cylinder Head Removal Ka Mk1

28 July 2013 - 01:30 PM


I have recently acquired a 2001 Ka with Endura 1.3 engine. The car has suspected blown head gasket or cracked head. I want to take the head off to see what's happening and then I can decide whether to repair or get a second hand motor off a local wrecker.

I don't have a workshop manual yet but will have one by the end of this week hopefully. In the meantime I'd like to get started and I just need some general guidance about head removal. In particular separating everything on the inlet side. Is it possible and advisable to remove the head with intake manifold and throttle body still attached? Looks like some manifold bolts would be difficult to get at if it needs to be removed prior to lifting the head. Any other tricks or issues to be aware of.

Thanks in anticipation.