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The Devil Ka

22 February 2015 - 09:06 AM

Hi All,

I have a 2001 Ka with 1.3 Endura engine. I cannot get it to run properly. Symptoms = starts and idles fine but soon as I take off  it loses power and sounds like it's running on 2 or 3 cylinders. Very occasionally it runs OK for a few seconds. No fault codes showing. I have taken it to a local mechanic who has all the diagnostics gear and he says ignition and fuel pressure fine. Good even compression ..valve clearances checked. Exhaust analysis indicates it's running lean. I've replaced plugs, leads and coilpack (aftermarket). Checked hoses and filters. Also had injectors checked and cleaned..perfect. Have tried different ICV, throttle body, O2 sensor and throttle position sensor.. .... no change. Mechanic has named it the devil Ka because he cannot explain why it won't run properly. The car has done 101k and is in very good condition so I think worth (within reason) sorting but cannot believe how difficult it is to fix it.

Mechanic thinks maybe ECU itself is faulty?  I have some questions around the ECU and would appreciate some feedback from those in the know....

Can I get ECU tested to see if it is operating as it should?

As an alternative can I get another ECU from a car wrecker and slot that in without any drama? Is the ECU standard across all Endura powered Kas?

Do I have to get new key and transponder to make the replacement ECU work in my Ka?


Any other suggestions about how I can get the bas***d running 100% would be very welcome.

Ford Ka Endura Engine Catalytic Converter

01 May 2014 - 10:58 AM

Hi, Posted here last year re trouble starting my KA.  Car had previously had bad leak out of thermostat housing. Previous owner blamed wife claiming the head was probably cracked.I removed head ...perfect. Checked ignition, fuel system, timing.... all good.   I was stumped.

Just recently got to the bottom of it.

Removed oxy sensor and car started albeit running rough. My conclusion is that coolant had made its way into CC and badly corroded and blocked it. Seems like o2 sensor telling ECU "don't allow engine to start as exhaust gases have nowhere to go". So now I need a new CC.

my questions....

What are my chances that a secondhand CC that will do the job?

Is there anything which will indicate visually that CC is OK (or not OK)?

Are there any other Ford models which used this particular CC? Ford KA thin on the ground here in Oz and Ford new part is ridiculously expensive.

Look forward to hearing your views.