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Clarity On The Smax Usb Connection

30 July 2013 - 12:24 PM



I have read numerous SMax forum threads relating to the use of Ipods etc via the radio unit but can not quite find the answer to my question.


I have just bought a 59 plate Smax Titanium. I checked before buying the car and saw that it only had the 3.5mm connection but From the Ford website I thought it would play music via bluetooth (iphone 5). Having tried it yesterday the only Aux input listed is via the 3.5mm cable.


I am not too worried about music via bluetooth as I have an old iPod that I want to connect via the standard USB connection.


My question is; can I add the USB feature to my existing bluetooth module or do I need to buy an entirely new BT box (and all the wiring and reprogramming that goes with it). is it the silly ford thing where if you have USB then you also have BT music? and you can't have one without the other.


Having had the same issue with my wife's Fiesta I thought I had been diligent enough this time round by checking the Ford website but clearly not.


Any advise gratefully received.