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Mk 7.5 1L Ecoboost Low Oil Pressure

07 August 2013 - 08:04 AM

Morning all.


Just been out to drop my sister off at work this morning. And on the way back, the low oil pressure warning popped up on the display for about 2 seconds then disappeared. Luckily I was only round the corner from my house, checked the oil, which was at the max line.


It happened when I was slowing down approaching a junction, I let a lorry turn into the junction, and was only creeping along in 2nd. Then the message came up.


I only picked up the car last Wednesday, I'm going to give the dealer a ring when they open, but I was hoping if anyone has any idea of what might have caused it.


Thanks in advance.



Newcomer From Kent

31 July 2013 - 08:46 PM

Evening All


Picked up my new White 13' plate Fiesta Zetec S this morning. Have been reading the forums the past few weeks, while I waiting to pick it up, and thought now I'll register.


I only passed my driving test a couple of weeks ago, after having ridden motorbikes for a few years. This is my first car, so be gentle  :)


I live just outside Maidstone, but you can find me all over Kent, East Sussex. This whole car thing is new to me, so I hope you wont mind the odd question or two.