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McDonalds Website

03 February 2010 - 09:14 PM

Just found this website from Maccy Deez:


There are some damn funny questions on this site - have a browse for a laugh :D :D :D

here are some examples:

I have tastes burgers at mc donalds many times and not once have i tasted beef, especially they are not the same as the 100% beef from supermarkets and burger king? Also i have noticed that when finishing a mc donalds meal i tend to feel sleepy, can that be explained!

All McDonald's hamburgers are made from beef. Nothing else. Just 100 percent beef, from whole cuts of forequarter and flank (similar to the mince you'd buy in the supermarket). All that is added is a pinch of salt and pepper after cooking for seasoning. However, regarding the supply of beef to supermarkets and other fast food restaurants, McDonald's respectfully doesn't comment on other companies. McDonald's believes that its burgers taste great, but it's a matter of personal taste, and the company respects your opinion. (November 2008)

I recently asked what percentage of your patties are meat. You answered by telling me what percentage is beef. I already know what percentage is beef!! But my question was, what percentage is meat, meat, meat!! For the second time, please tell me what percentage of the beef is actually made from meat. Beef implies the animal that it came from. I want to know the percentage of actual meat in this.

McDonald’s beef patties are made from 100% beef MEAT. Beef meat is the only ingredient in the beef patty, apart from a touch of salt and pepper that is added to the patty after cooking.

McDonalds hamburgers are not made from 100% beef! You said it yourself that they have a pinch of salt and pepper! Spices are not beef!! You lie!!

Let’s make things clear. The beef patties used in all McDonald’s burgers are made of 100 per cent beef from whole cuts of forequarter and flank (similar to the mince you'd buy in the supermarket) and nothing else. Whilst a pinch of salt and pepper are added after cooking, this is purely for seasoning, and does not change the fact that the beef patties themselves are made from 100 per cent beef.

Does Mcdonalds use a legal amount of saw dust in the burgers?

There is no saw dust contained in any of McDonald’s UK burgers. All McDonald’s beef patties are made from 100 percent beef, made from whole cuts of forequarter and flank (similar to the mince you'd buy in the supermarket). All that's added is a pinch of salt and pepper after cooking

is it true that macdonalds put anti-vomiting ingredients into their burgers?

No this is not true. You can see a full list of ingredients for all McDonalds menu items under the ‘Ingredients’ section at www.mcdonalds.co.uk.

Is it true that when you take the top part of the burger bun off a burger a big hand from the burger pulls you into the burger?

No, this is not true. McDonald's Hamburgers are made from 100 per cent beef. (Jan 08)

I read in the papers once that two employees where caught having s*x while preparing some food, some sperm got into a milkshake and the manager just let it be served. -Have these people been fired or is this acceptable in your restaurant? -What measures have you taken to make sure that sperm cannot get into the milkshakes? And is it true that McDonald's allows employees to do this if they desire as sperm is cheaper than milk?

McDonald's would be interested to see this article, as it is unaware of these allegations being published in any newspaper. It is important that customers know that any staff member behaving in this way would be subjected to an investigation and likely dismissed. Allegations of unhygienic behaviour are taken very seriously, McDonald's takes great care to make sure that food isn't contaminated in any way, and if you hear rumours of behaviour like this, you should inform the restaurant manager or Customer Services immediately so that it can be investigated. (July 2008)

Why did your staff urinate in the ovens at your restraunt on the M24?

This is not true. McDonald’s kitchens do not have ovens nor does McDonald’s UK know of there being an M24. McDonald’s is very strict about its food safety and hygiene procedures and if McDonald’s receives any allegations about this sort of behaviour, these claims are fully investigated. There are many such stories that do the rounds and not one has ever been found to have any factual basis. Needless to say, if there was any truth in any such allegations, it would be a dismissible offence.

are the peoples at mcdonalds spit on da food

No. McDonald's is not aware of any employees spitting in any of the food in the UK. If this were to happen any staff caught behaving in this way would be disciplined and dismissed.

hahahahaha I know this is a toally pointless topic but I found the site quite funny


08 January 2010 - 05:54 PM

Posted Image

Don't know if any of you guys have seen this on the news but it's a pretty amazing pic :)

Also I bought one of those heated seat covers from Maplin yesterday, was only £9.99 (down from 25 or something) so I thought I would give it a whirl and see if it was any good. It's not brilliant but it does work nicely (it's a bit wierd sitting on top of fabric now I'm used to the leather!) I have the titanium so now i can just sit back in a nice warm seat while the cars special defrosting mode does all the hard work. :D oh the luxury!

Getting a bit concerned about how fragile these Fiestas are turning out to be in the snow, especially with some of you guys facing £1000 bills for a 2mph ding with a kerb. I'm gonna start being even more careful now cos my bank balance really aint up to a test atm!


05 January 2010 - 11:30 PM


Take note that there will be an official FOC meet

Sunday 17th Jan

Rendezvous Watford Gap Services (M1) @ 13:00pm


EDIT: We will be meeting at the northbound services.

Happy Birthday KeithC

30 December 2009 - 01:04 PM


Many happy returns to Keith, who is today celebrating his 42nd birthday

What an achievement

Congratulations! :)


27 December 2009 - 01:08 AM

I've got a good feeling about 2010, how about the rest of you?