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Headlights Not Adjusting?

19 January 2014 - 08:11 PM

I have a Ford Focus Titanium 2008 model which for the past few weeks has had quite a big issue with it, it may be down to my own "fixes" but i just need to see what options are available before i call a garage over the issue.


One of my dipped headlights popped so i bought a new set, i fit the bulbs are everything seemed to work. Unfortunately when i checked them at night, the light generated from the bulbs was downwards and the view outside was virtually none existant (If there was no street lights).


I looked at the placement of the lights and they seem to be okay - But when i use the manual adjustment dial inside the driver cabin it makes absolutely no difference. If i'm outside and use the dial i can hear the motors of the adjustment working, but visibly there is no difference (I'm parking the car up against a wall and testing the height).


I have now gone and tried to manually change the alignment of the headlights (The yellow caps) using an allen key, but once again nothing is happening and no adjustment is shown.


I've trawled around but i can't see anything which indicates how to rectify this issue, what could possibly be done or would it may need to be a garage job? (For someone not entirely mechanically minded).

Satnav Totally Wrong?

09 August 2013 - 03:48 PM

Hi, at the end of June i purchased a used-Ford Focus Titanium 2008 from a dealership. Absolutely love the car, but there was one gripe i had about it which has been ongoing in different forms.


The Focus comes with the pre-built Travelpilot SatNav, but the dealership didn't have an SD Card to hand to give me, telling me to come back in a few weeks to sort out. So i wasn't able to do it there and then and test it.


Few weeks passed and eventually i got a brand new Ford Focus SD Card, i put it in and decided to just go from A-to-B, on a route i was familiar with - only a few minutes drive away. However as i was driving, it was giving incorrect turn-offs to roads which didn't exist, it left me confused but i didn't think much of it.


On a much longer test i opted to go down the motorway. I started out from my location before going towards the M6, via the M56. Out of the blue the SatNav said i was now coming upto the M62 motorway?? I ignored and continued on, but still it wasn't "correcting" itself.


It was as if the  Satnav was following a pre-designed route as opposed to a route following the GPS signal. When i got halfway to my destination (about 20miles!!) it said i had arrived. 


I've tried similar tests and each one shows it's failing hard. is there anyway to rectify this??