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In Topic: Help Needed MK4 fiesta

29 April 2009 - 04:45 PM

In all honesty mate I really wouldnt bother...

alright mate, i am looking to get a newer car any tips i like the 1.6 zetec s

In Topic: Water ingress in boot

02 March 2009 - 08:57 PM

I have a 1999 T plate Fiesta with water ingress into the tailgate, when the tailgate is opened water pours out the drainage hole to the left of the lock, this is directly in line with the nut to release the spare wheel on the floorspace, as a result the nut and surrounding area is rusted and underneath the carpet also has water at times.
I'm looking for help in finding where the water could be coming from, I have blasted the tailgate with a power washer to see if I can see any water, found some water dripping from the tailgate lock but this does not seem enough to cause the water to flow out the drainage hole when the tailgate is opened.
Any suggestions appreciated


i also get this problem any one out there you could help?

In Topic: rear windwcreen washer doesnt work fiesta MK4

02 March 2009 - 08:55 PM

just fixed it here is what I did (if others have the same problem and are stuck)

.undone the clip from the boot part
.try and not loose the hose part in the roof/boot
.check to see if the washer jet is blocked
.clean out the dirt (i had to make a hole :lol: )
.then re-attach and it should hopefully work

(if the hose does dissapear open the boot and you should see some plastic cover boxes, remove the middle one and now locate the pipe tubing near the top of the boot section, this is where the hose is, detach this and move the hose and you should see the hose through the hole that was made when the plastic cover box was moved then just move it back to the original hole on the top of the car p.s use a thin piece of wire and wrap some around the hose to guide it back to the top hole)

i also had this problem but not being a mechanic i took it to my local garage mate, he found out that it was the filter in the washer resvoir, you could look into this,