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Ford Focus 2007 1.6 Zetec Auto - Rattling Noise When Starting Up

18 December 2013 - 09:55 AM

Hi all, need advice on something strange which started from yesterday. When I start up the engine there is a rattling noise which stays there for a few min but then goes away when I drive it. Not sure what it is. Could it be because of oil being low? It's like a tap tap tap noise but when I rev the engine it goes? Hopefully it's nothing serious..

Advise On How To Upgrade Stereo Sytem, Sound And Interior

13 August 2013 - 08:12 PM

Hi Everyone,


This is the first time ive ever particiated in any kind of Forums however i really want to make my Ford Focus 1.6 Zetec Auto 57 plate look as cool as possible without breaking the bank to do it.


i have been so inspired by some of the topics ive read and as a kid have asked for advise. So i ask for as many advise and information on turning a standard interior, looking classy.


So far i have managed to chnage the trims of the sterring wheel only because the standard silver was worn out and for £9.99 these are perfect.


Attached File  Stering Wheel.jpg   203.15KB   203 downloads


This post in particular was so inspiring http://www.fordowner...nally-finished/ thanks to Stoney


and http://www.fordowner...aded-headunits/ thanks Mike for the reply.


Now i want to change the following from the below standards (inspired by the above)

Attached File  Stereo & Passenger side.jpg   129.94KB   186 downloads


Attached File  Stereo 1.jpg   115.33KB   185 downloads


Attached File  Stereo 2.jpg   140.08KB   177 downloads


Attached File  center panel.jpg   138.59KB   175 downloads


Now for the above i need info on parts, Stoney has provided a guide to install a Factory Sony 2008 (i think) system into the car. however i need to find out where i can get the tools from or the carbon effect or unless i wrap it how do i do it? like shown in Mike's Pic http://www.fordowner...aded-headunits/


finally the below pic, am little confused as my Cigg lighter doesnt have a flap as shown in Mike's pic http://www.fordowner...aded-headunits/. Is this something i can add/install? and can you tell me what they are called plz


Attached File  cigg panel flap required?.jpg   101.59KB   163 downloads


so guys, you know what the plan is now i need you all to help with guidance and ref to make it possible.


O yes before i forget, my rear speakers have busted and i dont have a clue what to replace them with... :unsure: Ive read many articles however it doesnt say what size are the correct ones and or if any other sizes can be installed without any hassle.


So guys your help on the above will be much appreciated and i wait in exitment on your response.


As you may have gathered ive never done anything like this before, always a first hey :) :D


Ford Focus 2007 1.6 Zetec Auto - Speakers And Stereo System.

12 August 2013 - 10:53 PM

Hi, can anyone advice what the sizes are for the speakers in a ford focus 2007 model. I want to change the rear ones as they are not working. Also what is the best stereo/mp3/dvd system would you guys advice to change the standard. Links on these products will be much appreciated. Many thanks