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Has Anybody Removed Their Spare Tyre To Save Weight?

31 March 2014 - 11:40 AM


As the title suggests, is doing this going to the extreme to save weight and therefore, save fuel or is it something a lot of people do?

I understand the implications of doing this but with most people having some sort of breakdown cover, it shouldn't be an issue.

Any thoughts on this guy's?

Standard Or Enhanced Diesel During Remap

13 March 2014 - 10:50 AM

Hi guys.

Im due to have my engine remapped within the next two weeks and just wondered if the results of the remap would/could be influenced by the type of fuel in the tank whilst the remap is taking place.

So, if I am running BP ultimate at the time of remap, does that mean that running anything other than "ultimate" (standard BP) after remap would result in uncertain or poor engine performance?

I hope that makes sense?

I understand my engine is only 110HP but as far as I'm concerned, a remap done on any size engine is just as important as the last regardless of power.

Any thoughts on this guys.....


One Light....then The Other?

13 February 2014 - 11:18 AM

Hi guys.

Just a quick one.
On starting my car this morning, I noticed that only one of my dipped beams came on so I thought, great, will have to buy new bulbs then 30 ish seconds later as I'm starting to drive off, the other dipped beam came on?
This has never happened before.

Any ideas as to why this would happen and if so, what would cause it??


Urgent Advice Needed. Possibly Been Scammed Re: Dpf Delete

21 January 2014 - 09:26 AM

Hi guys.

Need some urgent help!

I took my car to a remapper yesterday for DPF delete, EGR delete and remap.
He had the car from 10am to 8pm and rang me around midday saying the ecu was "protected" and he was struggling deleting the necessary coding.
Said he would have to remove the ecu and do it on his bench (whatever that means).
I now have the car back but my fuel light is permanently on, fuel guage reads zero and all MPG related dashboard readouts no longer work.
Also, when i turn the engine off i can distinctly hear the EGR valve opening and closing like it did before.

I feel no real difference in low end pull and still have turbo lag although tge turbo seems to boost for longer than it did before but other than that, I feel no difference in how the car drives.
The guy even began pushing his head back during the test drive as if to simulate increased boost!!!

Had my daughter with me so didnt want to begin a row with this guy in front of her but he was clearly trying to fake being forced into my passenger seat!

I am fuming that i have allowed this to happen but want to deal with him in a professional way before threatening any kind of action. I have an email invoice paid by credit card so there is a paper trail.

What should i do guys......


Does An Electronic Fuel Pump Have To Be "primed" Before Installation?

13 January 2014 - 02:35 PM

Hi guys.

Will be fitting a new fuel and oil filter in the next couple of days.

I know the oil filter has to be primed but does the fuel filter need priming too with it being electronic?
Is it just a case of turning key to number 2 position and let it prime itself?

Silver cylinder on top of the engine above EGR by the way.

Focus 2009 (59) 1.6 diesel.