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Ford mondeo difficult to start.

03 March 2009 - 09:36 PM

Any help most appreciated. I have a 2.0 TDCI 2002 Ford Mondeo. The crank position sensor was changed about a year ago, the glow plugs about 6 months ago and now I have another problem. Car has 70k miles on it. The car started fine all winter in even the coldest weather. Now the car seems to want to start, I.E. it cranks perfectly and strongly but won't start. it usually takes about 10 times for me to get it to start, whilst at other times it starts first thing. I have found this issue normally after a decent lengths drive and then a quick stop, Say to get some lunch, Start her up in the morning, no problems, Drive to the supermarket and go in for ten minutes and come out and it does it, Any suggestion? I just don't want to get taken at the garage. I think it may be the injectors or the diesel cut off.

Many thanks. Peter