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New Owner. Tdci 130 Mk3

17 August 2013 - 11:01 PM

Having owned a Fiesta ST mk6.5 that had 182bhp (focus st fast), i was expecting the mondeo to feel boring. I'm not saying its as fast, but i think compared to a standard ST, theres not allot in it for me. I didn't have a bad ST either, bought it brand new and it made over 160bhp standard on 4 dyno's.

My mate thinks the mondeo is mapped how fast it feels, another i drove felt slower, especially in 4th and 5th. But every diesel i've seen mapped smokes loads (heard these do as well), my car doesn't smoke allot at all. It has 148,000m on the clock, but its had flywheel, turbo, injectors, flexi pipe, gearbox and clutch all changed within last couple of years, had a service every year since 09. It runs soo well, I've done allot of motorway and town driving, without really eco-driving and im getting 48mpg. Full leather, climate control and come with an awesome parrot system, which plays my music through bluetooth, so no annoying aux lead hanging out the glovebox. Few stone chips, leathers a bit worn. Also today i had to take the middle section of the heat shield off, hit a ridiculous pot hole, should of had a bridge going over it to be honest. Ordered a pollen filter, the blowers give off an awful smell, checked the filter and it looked pretty manky. But for £1200 i don't think i've done too bad.

I used to moan about diesels, used to say there's no fun in not dropping gears, this car has more than changed my mind. The comfort as well is awesome, 2 hour drive did nothing to me. Couldn't say the same after 2 hours in a lowered fiesta, with a a full system (even with resonated cat back) in your ear the whole time at 70. I had the full leathers in the ST as well, the mondeo's are soo much better.

Everyone i've had in it has been shocked how good overall the car is, especially speed and comfort.

I'm tempted to map my car, never would normally use bluefin, but most forums i've read say its good on the tdci, just gives off quite a bit of smoke, which doesn't bother me to be honest. Unless anyone can tell me any disaster stories I'll probably get it done