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In Topic: 53 Plate 2.0 Tdci No Power!!!! Please Help Guys

18 August 2013 - 07:01 PM

hi guys hope you can help me with this one as im going bald with the problems !!

Started off with an intermittent fault with the turbo not working would work if u turned ignition off and on again but would just stop working while i was driving especially when i came to a set of lights, thought it would of been a split in one of the boost pipes but checked them all, cleaned the egr valve Problem still happening,

Bought Ford F-Super comes up with fault P0235 so replaced the map sensor on the lower egr pipe with genuine ford one still no change

Had the turbo checked out no play in it and air is flowing through all pipes are boosting theres no blockages in any pipes or the intercooler atall

Im really at my witts end with this car and now the clocks have started going bonkers and resetting themselves every now and then and sometimes wont come on atall with just the oil light and washer bottle working its doing my nut in its like they have all happened at once !!!

Any help would be muchly appreciated, ps the car does drive and dont think its in limp home mode can get 70 on the motorway but it takes an age to get there and if theres an uphill then its drop a gear at a time til u reach the top !!!

Any suggestions muchly appreciated

cheers guys


Had a similar problem with my mk3 mondeo. Clocks all swinging all over the place and engine stall on A13. Turned out it was the cam shaft censor .Replaced this for £24 and all is ok except smoking on acceleration.