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S-Max Ride/comfort Tyre Advice

18 October 2013 - 10:17 PM

Hi all,

I've got a 2013 smax 2 litre diesel Titanium. Though I love the car like handling and the
Sublime steering , getting tired of the jiggly ride ( definitely not crashy or harsh) over road imperfections/small bumps in slow speed (bumby vertical movements, more pronounced for the rear seat occupants)and also to an extend in motorways where after a long drive it becomes slightly tiring. This wouldn't be a problem in continental Europe's silky smooth roads, but definitely an issue in Britain's pot hole ridden road surfaces. I do have 17 inch wheels with Michelin Premacy HP 225/50/17 tyres which originally came with the car.

Would love to trade in some of the driving dynamics for a bit more comfortable ride. Short of changing to 16 inch wheels ( the wheel arches in my car already feel under filled with even the 17 inches) has any one had any other experience with other tyre makes which makes the ride/comfort better?
Heard some positive reviews regarding Kumho ecsta KU39 tyres re their ride comfort /low road noise levels, though they seem to wear sooner. Has anyone had any experience with them. Thanks in advance for your replies


Ambient Lighting Smax

20 August 2013 - 09:21 PM

Hi all,

Just joined the club, bought a 2013 SMAX titanium 2 l diesel. Looking at ford brochures and specifications , it says all the titanium models come with ambient lighting as standard, but I could not see this in my car and there is no button to activate this . There is no mention of this in the manual as well. Normally with the ambient lighting you are supposed to have footwell and door map pockets lit dimly while the car is running? Has any one else noticed this in their SMax's. thanks for the responses.