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1.0 Ecoboost Europe Road Trip Report, Inc Nurburgring Nordschleiffe

11 September 2014 - 02:17 PM

So I've just come back from a 2500 mile 8 day road trip through France, Belgium, Germany, Holland, Switzerland and Luxembourg (and England but I guess that doesn't count!) in the fiesta and just thought I would share a couple of pictures and a probably unimpressive video of part of a nurburgring lap.


The car has been remapped using bluefin, and although I have a Pumaspeed induction kit, this wasnt on and hasnt been since i had the car serviced a couple of weeks ago. (This may be up for sale soon, PM's welcome, a decent offer may make me sell it).  Otherwise it's standard.


Overall the car was excellent and never missed a beat; due to what feels like a silly amount of torque from a 1.0l with the remap i half expected it to go bang before the end of the trip, but after doing two laps of the 13mile nordschleiffe, and the Furkapass(see pic below) Grimselpass and Sustenpass in switzerland, all of which rise to well over 2000m through the alps, it took it all in it's stride.  The torque was very welcome coming out of super tight hairpins into a massive gradient up a mountain, and where traffic allowed i made great progress!  Oh and reached 120mph pretty quick on the autobahn before traffic, and it was still accelerating, reckon it would do 130mph with clearer roads, but they are very busy.


The only niggle with the car were the brakes, the car accelerates much better than it brakes, and this totally takes away your confidence to build up too much speed on the nurburgring, or too much speed going down the other side of an alpine mountain for fear of not being able to slow down enough for the inevitable hairpin.  The nurburgring has some big gradients on it, which you can't tell in any of the videos on youtube, and after slowing down for two tight downhill bends the brake feel had totally gone and i pretty much had to cruise for a while to cool them down, and i wasnt going that fast to begin with!  On a track you should either be on full throttle or braking on the straights, and i just couldn't do that as i would have built up far too much speed for my lack of confidence in whether i could slow back down in time.


In short, i want to go back to the 'ring and the alpine passes in an ST.  I could always get better brakes and suspension for mine, but it isn't worth it and that wouldn't get rid of the constant feeling that the engine and clutch aren't going to last very long in its remapped state.  Oh and i also want cruise control if i do a similar trip again!

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Pumaspeed Silicon Induction/turbo Hose

14 February 2014 - 12:58 PM

Has anybody fitted these, mainly the 'turbo hose' one?  I'm thinking of getting both and want to know if anyone has experienced any increases in driveability, performance or noise?  I would at the very least want an increase in induction/turbo noise and not just some pretty colours in the engine bay, as this doesn't bother me....want noise and less lag!


http://www.pumaspeed...=25&modelID=325 These are the ones i mean.