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Rear Brake Bleeding

21 July 2014 - 02:14 PM

Hi guys got the conversion done from drum to disc and due to work j only get weekends to work on it, this weekend when i had the chance i went to bleed them and hay presto nothing. I cleaned out the nipple and checked everything, there is Fluid getting to the caliper but not bleeding thru the nipple, so i am wondering is it possible that when i pushed the cylinder back in is it possible to push it to far into the caliper so that it stops the fluid pushing on the cylinder? If so whats the best way to push it out abit so that the fluid runs back thru again? Am considering just getting refurbs a pair from ebay 130

Rear Caliper Issue

14 July 2014 - 05:43 AM

Hi all finally got around to finshing the conversion this weekend and must say was easy dispite me trying to rush it a few weeks ago and got calipers on the wrong way, lol. Well i changed the hoses yesturday and then went to bleed them start driver side rear first, confused to find that when i undone the bleeder nipple nothing came out, when i pressed the pedle a few times. So i done a little test and undone the rubber hose from the caliper and hay presto brake fluid came out. So the fault lays with the caliper it self, question is are they easy to rebuild or shall i just ebay a couple of off these? I have no time scale to do this as the car is in my garage as i only work on it weekends. Or they cheap to buy new??

Focus 98-04 Rear Hose Lenght

30 June 2014 - 07:21 PM

Hi can anyone think about what length is needed between the caliper (red box) and the other end red box? if so what size and where to get them from cheers in adavance


I have found this rear hose from car parts for less on ebay length 440mm 98-05 pagid rear left/right brake/flexy hose £7.99, will this be ok between the two red boxes one end caliper and the other red box near the front off car, replacing the two small flexy hoses with one long one????

Focus Estate Drum To Disc Conversion Mk1 Estate 01

29 June 2014 - 03:47 PM

HI all, ive sourced the parts for this from my local scrappy for £80 the lot, I didn't see the focus these bits came from but there a reliable scrappy always go there and they assured me that these bit will do. So I got new pads and disc's and handbrake cables, the disc are 253mm in diameter.


The issue is everything came apart nicely  no issues what so ever until I put the disc hub and caliper on for the disc's. Thing is ive have gone to put the handbrake cable in and where it sits on the caliper it wont go in due to the sub frame in the way. The caliper sits towards the back of the car. Am I being sitting and missing something hear?


cheers for advice