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In Topic: Help Needed Please - No Hair Left!!

13 October 2013 - 03:10 PM

It's more than a month now since I asked for advice, the fiesta is running fine. Not a single hiccup since my last post. Obviously it was a faulty idle air valve. Replacing it did the trick. Thanks to all we replied. Tony.

In Topic: Help Needed Please - No Hair Left!!

13 September 2013 - 06:48 PM

As you know, I had the IAV replaced on Monday and i collected it on Tuesday. By the afternoon it was back in the workshop, because following a relatively brief and trouble free drive it acted up again in a supermarket car park. It's been off the road until I collected it today. The manager who spoke to me yesterday told me that they had done all they could and could do no more. I was promised a list of the things carried out since I took it back this final time.

Well i collected it this morning. Not a hitch so far.

I have driven it 60 miles motorway and town. No cutting out.

I'm thinking the IAV has worked. can't understand why it behaved so badly on Tuesday, unless the mechanic did something to it since then that has settled it. He went abroad on holiday today so isn't available. Neither is the manager, he's off until Monday.

Somebody I know, an auto electrican, suggested that the IAV might have settled down.

I did fill it with Shell this morning and a tub of STP fuel injector cleaner before I took it on its run. But it would have been too early for the STP to have worked. 

So for now, i am keeping my fingers crossed. Cheers all!

In Topic: Help Needed Please - No Hair Left!!

12 September 2013 - 10:38 PM

Just a thought: being as no fault codes are showing up, when there clearly is a problem, would it be useful to remove the ECU and have it tested? I ask because if it is a faulty ECU and it is repaired then surely the code for the problem will show up. The garage have explained that if the ECU was itself faulty the fault would be displayed on the dash. But I am reading on other forums that this is not always correct.

In Topic: Help Needed Please - No Hair Left!!

12 September 2013 - 05:47 PM

They have just telephoned me to say that they cannot detect the fault. It hasn't been acting up since i took it back other than when they first tried testing it with the diagnosis. It gave no readings. I think they have just decided it's a pup and not worth their man hours on. They are not going to charge me. I've been told that they have had Ford advising them, but too many things for me to remember at the moment. I have asked for a list of what they have done, so that at least I know what to put on here for you guys.

I mentioned examining the dreaded loom, but that would appear to be for me a financial nightmare. I asked about the injectors and was told they are fine. I might try filling the tank tomorrow when i collect it and try  putting some fuel injector cleaner in it. other than that I haven't a clue what to do with it.

I wouldn't try selling it as i wouldn't wish it on anybody, and I certainly wouldn't want the comeback. Part exchanging it would have its problems as would taking it to an auction. It's nowhere near being a scrap vehicle, nowhere.

I'm as sick as a parrot i can tell you.

Thanks for all your help and advice.

I shall tell you tomorrow what they put on the list.

Cheers for now!

In Topic: Help Needed Please - No Hair Left!!

11 September 2013 - 03:30 PM

one of the hardest things to explain to owners, is sometimes diagnostics can be seriously tricky..when it comes to modern systems, nothing is black and white and the possible causes are endless.
its hard enough tracing a problem like this with the car in front of you, impossible over the www...so not knocking the garage or their methods/process in any way whatsoever.

but if nothing still being logged, then im convinced the problem lies outside of the ecu control.
they could be right with the loom. but even then i would normally expect something to flag up on dianostics as that loom is made up of pos/neg and signal wires...if one is failing then ecu will at some point be sending/receiving wrong information...which in turn will affect something else within the system etc..this is where you often get a number of codes relating to 2 or 3 sensors for eg, but the actual problem only lies with 1 of them, or the wiring.

thats theory, but as said nothing is black and white.
but there is one area that can cause your symptoms, will not log a fault, but can possibly show up very briefly on live data if you know what your looking for.
fuel pressure
it has to be worth asking if this has been ok'd when problem wasnt occuring and if its been rechecked when problem is present.
surging idle, cutting out, not starting without lots of gas/pedal work are all symptoms of fuel pressure.

one of the most overlooked areas of diagnostics on irregular faults, is not going back to the beginning when problem is actually happening.

hope they get to the bottom of this sooner or later, they have my sympathies as i know some can be real headbangers, but they sound like my kind of garage with not willing to let something beat them :)

I notice you have a Granada. The manager who dealt with me yesterday owns a Ford Cortina L reg (1973). He had it parked in one of the bays. Obviously very proud of it. He told me that the wiring looms on his were perfect also the car is on very low mileage for the year. I used to drive them in my working days. Well retired now. ;)

They know about the fuel pressure problems you mention and have tested it, but as you say it might need a more in depth probing.

I'm expecting to hear from them this evening. Can't bear the suspense. :D