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#289970 Help Needed Please - No Hair Left!!

Posted by tony186 on 13 September 2013 - 06:48 PM

As you know, I had the IAV replaced on Monday and i collected it on Tuesday. By the afternoon it was back in the workshop, because following a relatively brief and trouble free drive it acted up again in a supermarket car park. It's been off the road until I collected it today. The manager who spoke to me yesterday told me that they had done all they could and could do no more. I was promised a list of the things carried out since I took it back this final time.

Well i collected it this morning. Not a hitch so far.

I have driven it 60 miles motorway and town. No cutting out.

I'm thinking the IAV has worked. can't understand why it behaved so badly on Tuesday, unless the mechanic did something to it since then that has settled it. He went abroad on holiday today so isn't available. Neither is the manager, he's off until Monday.

Somebody I know, an auto electrican, suggested that the IAV might have settled down.

I did fill it with Shell this morning and a tub of STP fuel injector cleaner before I took it on its run. But it would have been too early for the STP to have worked. 

So for now, i am keeping my fingers crossed. Cheers all!