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Oil Leak, Gearbox

07 September 2013 - 12:29 PM

Hi, hope I'm doing this right as I'm new to this forum.


I have just bought a Fusion 2 TDCi with zero history and 108k miles. I've been cheaking it over and preparing it for use. Whilst engine sounds lovely (as lovely as a direct injection diesel ever sounds) it's clear the car has been run on a tight budget by an uncaring owner (filthy interior, cheap tyres, oil looks dirty, etc)


Faults/issues found so far:

1. Weird noise from 'clutch' as u pull away, disapears when clutch is fully released. Assuming clutch release bearing :wacko: , not overly conserned, I'm assuming it'll get a lot worse before it's terminal!

2. Fan only works in position 4 & engaginging 4 extingishes the air con light :wacko: I'm assuming 4 only simply means the resistor pack has overheated and blown its thermal resistor. I've located and removed this (omg it's well hidden), I didn't bother testing it, just ordered a replacement as they so cheap. I've also cleaned the pollen filter as I'm aware these are often the cause of the resistors overheating (I will replace this very shortly when I give the car a full service). Hopefully air con will be ok once the replacement resistor arrives.

3. I understand the timing belt is 150 000 miles/10 years changes, so I guess it's never been done. Is it worth changing the water pump at the same time? If it brakes; is it a dead engine, or is it a 'safe' engine?

4. I seem to have an oil leak from the gearbox area :( See picture below... Any ideas? Is there a gearbox dipstick?


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Thanks, Daisy x