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Dashboard Stays On For Hours After Engine Off

14 November 2013 - 09:25 PM

Hi all,


Dashboard problem - previously it has stayed on now and again, and going out and jiggling the key about in the ignition and waiting an hour has cured it. Not tonight.


Car was last used yesterday evening, and went to sleep straight away. Looked out the window, and the display had lit up again circa 3 hours after I left the car, and 2 since i'd last checked and seen it off. Went out, jiggled the keys about and it went off with in an hour. Double checked this morning, and it was still off.


Didn't use the car today, but this evening i look out the window, and the display has lit itself up again all on its own. On the common problems thread, it suggests this can be mended by bbereman cheaply - no other information than that.


My question is what (or who) is bbereman and will he be able to fix it, or is it more likely to be a knacked ignition barrel?


Only other thing "wrong" with the car i've seen recently, is a couple of weeks ago it was showing the lights as lit on the dashboard, and they definitely were not switched on. Lights have been on pretty much every journey since. Any ideas for a DIY fix, or is it to the garage again - I can't afford to let the battery go flat.





"engine System Fault"

10 September 2013 - 10:56 AM

Hi all - this looks like a pretty good forum, just a shame my first post is trying to diagnose a fault.


I bought my car last week - partial service history, all good for the first few days. On the way back from a night out, it displayed the error message "Engine System Fault" and the little red light came on. Quick google suggested it was the fuel filter, so the car was booked in and the filter changed. Yesterday the car was fine, did over 50 miles in it just driving around the twistys enjoying the chassis. Today, driving out to halfords to get some car wax, the light came on again.


The car does not seem down on power when the message flags up, but it may be, ive not really pushed hard enough in it yet to find out. The only thing ive noticed is about 5 minutes after the engine is on, it starts rattling at a rate that increases with engine speed - most audible at 1500 and 3k RPM, and the message has flagged up when this noise has been at its worst.


The noise is not always there, but was most noticable at this point.


Any ideas would be great - I don't want to spend money chasing ghosts, especially if its the flywheel or waterpump thats shagged.


Car is a 1.8 TDCI, 120K on the clock.


Camblet done, had all bar the antifreeze changed in the last fortnight.


Thanks in advance.