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Should I Consider A Remap?

15 September 2013 - 06:51 PM

Hi guys,


Please bare with me i'm new to the forum. haha


I have got a mk2 focus 1.6tdci 110 bhp. I want to slightly modify it without going over the top and without spending a lot of money. I have done visual mods such as tinted windows, drl lights and sprayed the alloys a gunmetal grey. I also want to add a little power to the engine for a bit more of a pull. I have ordered a egr valve blanking plate for better running as I read on the forums but I am now considering a remap to 138bhp. Is it worth having a remap as I have been told that the engine is prone to blowing turbos?  I don't want to be going and forking out for a new turbo after the remap. The car has done 73 thousand miles. having the remap is really tempting but I am worried about what I have heard ab out blown turbos. Also could anyone please recommend any little mods I could do to the car, subtle but effective?

Another thing I don't want the car smoking black smoke once it is remapped.


thanks for the help guys