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Mk2 Dipped lights out

07 March 2009 - 01:04 PM

Hi, I'm an old newby.
I switched on my headlights Wednesday night, they went straight off again, I live in the country so no streetlights.
I have replaced both bulbs, both fuses, R9 relay, indicator/dip switch, took the main light switch off am baffled by a bulb(?) similar in size to instrument light bulb which fits into back of main switch housing, I put a bulb that fitted(3watt) which lights when ignition is switched on, but doesn't show when installed into switch housing. Original was black so assumed blown, filament looks much stronger than bulb I installed.Can't find it on wiring diagram in Haynes, I still have no dipped headlights.
Anyone any ideas why my lights still don't work please?