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In Topic: My Titanium X Sport

Yesterday, 09:04 PM

Stunning! Best colour too.  B)  ;)


Predictable  :lol:

In Topic: Things I Don't Like

Yesterday, 06:40 PM

Pigeons pooping all over the window sills. Filthy flying rats.

In Topic: Windows 10 Free Upgrade ??

Yesterday, 04:09 PM

^ Ah I see what you mean. I accepted the upgrade on my dad's laptop so I bet he'll be a bit confused when it tells him an upgrade is available. He'll probably think it's spyware or something (he's not that good with computers).


Haha, I know that feeling. 


I had a hard time explaining to my grandparents that an update available on their android tablet (used only for skype, and reading the news) would actually improve the speed of their tablet, and possibly solve the random freezes and crashes that they were having.

In Topic: Windows 10 Free Upgrade ??

Yesterday, 03:51 PM


Do you mean the "Get Windows 10" notice? I've had that for quite a while but haven't accepted it yet.


That's just to 'reserve' your copy in advance, I have also had that for ages. Today I finally got a notice saying 'Upgrade Available'.

In Topic: Windows 10 Free Upgrade ??

Yesterday, 02:49 PM

Just got an update available notice on my larger laptop. I'll probably keep this one on Windows 8.1 for now, and upgrade my ultrabook first. Anyone else received the notice yet?