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In Topic: Ford Fair 2015 - Who's Going?

Yesterday, 08:38 PM

I had a feeling you'd say that Steve  :lol:


Be sure to find me and I'll give you the grand tour!


I'll be on vacation overseas, so can't attend I'm afraid. Maybe just give me a heads up next time you are close to London/Surrey.  ;)

In Topic: Our Very Own Yplac Thread..

Yesterday, 06:54 PM

More people parking on the footpath. Pic taken this morning.


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In Topic: New Job!!

Yesterday, 06:49 PM

Congrats! :)

In Topic: Ford Fair 2015 - Who's Going?

Yesterday, 05:58 PM

^ Probably the best car on the show.


(All in my own opinion of course!!  ;) )

In Topic: New Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor Owner

Yesterday, 03:48 PM

Thanks Steve! Glad it's got another fan :) same for me too, I've loved these cars since I was old enough to watch movies with American police car chases. I was quite lucky with the one I found, only got 23,500 miles on the clock.


Thanks as well Paul! £230 tax for the year, so a bit more than my old Mondeo ST TDCI.


Very low mileage, almost lower than my Focus. Must have been a more of a personal use car, or similar.


£230 tax??!!  I pay £225, and I only have a 1600cc engine!! Unfair lol. Must be because its an import, otherwise it would be in the highest (£500) tax band I think.


Great cars, extremely reliable, and literally bulletproof. Only downside is that your wallet will feel the pain a bit - as they are thirsty!


Hope to see you around on the forum.