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#459008 Things I Do Like

Posted by Incontro on 26 February 2015 - 07:37 PM

* Payday, obviously.


* Buying a car & new car smell.


* Redlining engines (to get to the speed limit quicker, obviously :P)


* Being lazy after a heavy workout.


* Empty/uncongested roads.


* Sunshine/warm weather.


* The occasional KFC/fast food treat.


* Forgetting everything & watching a movie after a long day of work.


* Jetting off on holidays in the summertime, and leaving all the stress behind.


* This opinion may be unpopular, but law enforcement. (The good 95% of them at the least)

#432112 Mickey Mouse Road Rage!

Posted by Incontro on 27 November 2014 - 03:56 PM

Haven't been active on the forums for a while, but been lurking occasionally.


Saw this on another forum, and couldn't resist sharing!  :)


#349827 It's Ok, It'll Buff Out.....

Posted by Incontro on 01 April 2014 - 06:10 PM

Idiot Lambo driver was driving irresponsibly. Just imagine if it turned out the Mazda driver was uninsured LOL.

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#342426 Tyres

Posted by Incontro on 13 March 2014 - 07:34 PM

Yep, the general consensus seems to be the Goodyear Efficient Grip Performance tyres - everyone seems to recommend them.


I got them about 2/3 months ago, they've been really good in terms of noise, and excellent grip too.

#341234 My New Mobius Dashcam

Posted by Incontro on 10 March 2014 - 09:42 PM


Before making my purchase i did months of research i considered many cameras and i also watched alot of youtube videos. Techmoan is the best and most reliable none bias youtube reviewer with dashcams on the internet, he review many cameras and all his reviews show what a camera is capable of in the most important conditions, direct sunlight, night time, and daytime/cloudy.


Most dashcams wash out in direct sunlight where a large white blurry patch appears others have random colour changes the mobius does none of that, it auto adjust to light very quickly.


Watch my daytime video below, from the 2:00 marker you can see exactly what direct sunlight looks like, as james said it is possible to improve direct sunlight by manually adjusting it, i left mine standard, that being said finding a camera beating that sort of video quality in direct sunlight is almost impossible regardless of how much you're willing to spend., reading number plates seem to be one of the hardest jobs for a dashcam, if your own eyes cannot read a number plate in direct sunlight the mobius or any other cam stands no chance sadly.



[youtube link]



Good point. I thought that adjusting the settings would help more, but in the past tweaking it didn't seem to help.


My cam behaves similarly to yours as shown in the video. If you notice, you cannot make out the number plate of the scummy Corsa driver until the cars (and thus the camera) enters the shade.


Nice music by the way, haha. 

#340937 My New Mobius Dashcam

Posted by Incontro on 10 March 2014 - 10:13 AM

To all those with the Mobius (and maybe other dashcams in general) - do you find that when driving facing sunlight, you can't read any number plates or see any proper details because it focuses on the sunlight?


Apparently there is a new firmware update, don't know if that's improved things?

#340751 My New Mobius Dashcam

Posted by Incontro on 09 March 2014 - 08:52 PM



That is insane, great catch!

#340629 My New Mobius Dashcam

Posted by Incontro on 09 March 2014 - 03:16 PM

Looking very neat mate.

Now we all just have to sit back, and wait for the stupid drivers to show up on our cameras! :)

#334883 My New Mobius Dashcam

Posted by Incontro on 21 February 2014 - 08:53 PM

Looks good higgsy.


An update from me - today I tried plugging in my dashcam again today - lo and behold it works!  :blink:


Recorded for about 30 minutes of driving in the morning and evening, it worked on two separate occasions.


Glad I don't have to tear it all apart! *Touch wood*

#334551 My New Mobius Dashcam

Posted by Incontro on 20 February 2014 - 08:44 PM

Unlucky bud, that's a shame. What's the quality of the cable like and does anyone know what thickness the cable is? The actual copper wire.

The kind of buzzing you've described could be a fault of short circuit/ wires touching together or close enough, check for rips along the wire.

I haven't actually bought it yet still trying to smooth out my probs.

Speaking to the seller he thinks it could be a compatibility issue with the memory card or a faulty battery, he's sending me a new battery and a 32gb kingston micro sd card once I send over payment for the sd card.

From my experience I must strongly advice properly charging your cam before first use, don't be typical man and ignore your camera manual like I did :lol:

So far though my temp set up is working well, I have also experience the whole unstable power thing where 3 seconds of noise and out of balance colours were displayed, I can confirm the car built in usb connector is not a good power source, power is unstable and at times it randomly turns on from just locking or unlocking the car :huh:

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To be honest - its just your average cheapo chinese cable - as higgsy mentioned the strands of copper are very thin - I would have liked it to be thicker, but it may just suffice. As he also mentioned - its about the thickness of USB wire strands.


((The quality of the 'transformer' section is more important IMO - tempted to rip it apart and see the 'workmanship' first hand - as some cheap thoughtless designs can be downright dangerous.))


Hmm - don't think there are rips along the wire. I did my best to solder the connections very thoroughly, and used a decent bit of electrical tape too.


I am somewhat lucky I didn't damage the unit though - which could have easily happened. Would have been quite !Removed! if a £2 ebay cable broke my £50 dashcam!  :rolleyes:

#334464 My New Mobius Dashcam

Posted by Incontro on 20 February 2014 - 04:03 PM


Well I hadn't as I am waiting for the other adapter to come (ordered both right and left angled cables and have only received one and its not the correct one I want to use) but so I could confirm for you I have just wired it up temporarily to an old 12v cig adapter I had lying about and tried in the 12v accessory socket - works 100%, no buzzing from the transformer, starts recording fine when powered up and stops recording after it is unplugged.


I would say you have a faulty unit mate, get onto the seller!


Thanks for testing it for me mate, appreciated.


Shame, as I waited so long for it to arrive, and that I did all the wiring in the car before I tested it. I should have tested it first - I tried to, but the leads I had with me at the time for my multimeter were too thick, so I couldn't measure the output voltage at the mini usb end.


Ah well, onto the seller then.

#334423 My New Mobius Dashcam

Posted by Incontro on 20 February 2014 - 01:39 PM

My laptop died on me a while back, so haven't been around lately.


Kurt - I have a Verbatim Class 10 32GB MicroSD card which I used to use in one of my phones, its now permanently in my Mobius, and it works fine - if you needed a recommendation.




Meanwhile, today I finally got around to installing the cords/wires and stuff in my car. As mentioned earlier, I bought the same cable as higgsy did. I wired it behind the sun visor, down behind the rubber seals on the door trim, under the glovebox, and up the side of the seat near the center console.


I had a generic 12V adaptor in my scrap box - tested it and it works fine. Pried off the metal DC jack on the other end, and soldered it to the connections of the cable higgsy bought.


Come testing time - FAIL. Once plugged into the 12V socket, the mobius dashcam just kept flashing random LED colors - red, blue and yellow. Also, the "transformer" section of the cable seems to be emitting a high pitched whining noise while operating.


It seems like the cable transformer may be faulty - but not 100% sure. Higgsy - any success with yours yet?

#333878 My New Mobius Dashcam

Posted by Incontro on 18 February 2014 - 07:56 PM

Recieved one of the power cables I ordered today. I think you'll agree this is going to be a neat looking solution!

Posted Image

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Haha, mine (same cable) arrived too today. Can't wait to install it, so far I have been using it on battery power, and constantly removing it from the car to charge it, unfortunately missed some bad road rage in the process (flat battery) , was disappointed when I found out.

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#331561 What Next

Posted by Incontro on 11 February 2014 - 09:07 PM

Personally, I think it's a good law, and useless law at the same time.


It will make those who smoke in the car with their children think twice before lighting up and risking their health (or at least risking getting caught) - GOOD.


But for those inconsiderate people who would have smoked if it were NOT illegal, they probably smoke indoors at home next to their children anyway - USELESS.


Personally I don't really have a problem with smokers, it's just the annoying ones who smoke right outside building entrances/bus shelters, or those that smoke whilst walking in a busy town centre that tick me off. The thing I REALLY can't stand are people with awful B.O/bad breath at work, which I often have no choice but to put up with sometimes.

#330279 Police Cars Begin With Eu

Posted by Incontro on 07 February 2014 - 07:23 PM

You wouldn't spot mine while it's on the road, unless I want you to :P

Apart from the blacked out rear compartment and the extra aerials on the roof mine looks like a standard estate car.

All blue lights are hidden in existing light clusters and the dog compartment ventillation system is a custom covert kit that doesn't require roof vents, (nicely air conditioned for the dogs' comfort, I even have a temperature readout in the cab for comfirmation).

When stationary you could spot the kit on the dash but usually it doesn't warrant a second glance.


Hmmm, extra aerials & tinted glass on a Focus estate = raised eyebrows, at least for me!  ;)


Surrey Police has tonnes of Focii, a few undercover too I've noticed (inc a few Mk3's). 


But the other day an undercover non-tinted A6 wagon on a code 3 call rushed past me, definitely wouldn't have been wiser to that!