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Rear Wheel Tracking

28 April 2014 - 03:32 PM

Hi all,

I recently had a 4 wheel track done on my wifes Mk 1 focus. Whilst looking at an exhaust problem I noticed that the camber adjuster bolts were rusted solid and dont look like they have moved since the car was built! I dont know how the toe is adjusted on the rear wheels though and dont know what to look for to check that it was done and I have'nt been mugged. :(

Can someone tell me what has to be adjusted so I can have a look please.



Handling / Steering Issue

03 April 2014 - 05:33 PM

Hi People,

I recently fitted a new steering rack to my wifes 1.8 TDCI Focus and it works a treat. Got the car 4 wheel aligned and it was as sharp as a new one. Wifes been driving it for the last 5 odd weeks and when I get in it to drive it the other day I noticed it felt really vague in a straight line or on changing direction.

Now when I changed the rack I checked the track rod ends and they were fine, wishbone ball joints were fine, replaced drop links, checked bushes etc., and all was fine. As I said the car handled like a new one. Tyre pressures are ok too.

The vagueness is only at speed, around 50mph plus, below that you dont really feel it, just a light feeling when driving straight. Over 50mph and changing direction feels like there is a slack bit at the point you actually change direction. Hitting bumps at this speed and you really have to keep correcting the wheel. There is no play at all in the rack when stationary. I checked it with a dial gauge on the road wheel and any movement of the steering wheel in either direction is instant.


Any ideas???????


1.8 Tdci Focus 2004 Starting Problem

25 January 2014 - 09:50 AM


Firstly thanks to all who helped me diagnose that the plugs were not the problem with my wifes car.


This car will not start and idle. It will start first time, but then stalls. It wont stay running unless it has a good helping of throttle. It then belches out wedges of white smoke. Then it will idle. Then it runs perfectly. No MPG problems, or anything. No fault codes. Perfect.

So far,

1. Glow plugs have been checked and are working

2. Starter motor was changed so that it started first time, (half the original problem cured)

3. EGR valve checked and is working properly ( May well blank it off after looking at other threads anyway)

4. All of the induction system checked and is leak free.


The next step seems to be going to a garage. Luckily I am not far from a diesel injection specialist that is an agent for all of the major fuel injection manufacturers and was thinking of going there rather than a Ford dealership.


Unless anyone has any other ideas? I think I have remembered everything I've checked anyway. I've been so long trying to figure this one out , may have forgotten something. LOL


Voltage To Glow Plugs

13 January 2014 - 08:44 AM


While trying to sort the starting problem with my wifes 1.8 TDCI Focus (It's the much recorded fires up and then stops, firesup, runs lumpy with throttle, clears, then runs perfectly for the rest of the day problem) I noticed that while the battery is putting out 12.75v only 10.5v is getting to the glow plugs. The glow plugs are all operational but could the low voltage have any bearing on the starting problem and what could be causing the reduced voltage?



1.8 Tdci 2006 Focus - Limp Mode / Glow Plugs

10 January 2014 - 10:20 AM


Although I have fixed this problem it leaves me still wanting answers why it happened.


For no apparent reason my Focus just stopped reving past 3K and lost power. It also came up with 'Engine Systems Fault'. Noithing else wrong with the car and no fault codes present.

I trolled the forums and came up with 3 possible fixes based on what was written. 1 was the fuel filter and 2 the glow plugs. 3 was the wastegate actuator but I didnt get that far.

I changed the fuel filter with no difference so the proceeded to check my glow plugs. Every one was as dead as a door nail. 100% resistance and no current draw. Replaced all 4 and bingo back to normal.

 Now I thought fault codes were there to alert you to problems, so why no code when all 4 plugs are dead?  I also had no problems starting, even at freezing in the morning. How come?  Would it not be easier to just let you know the plugs needed changing without the limp mode rubbish or are Ford just building in problems, without obvious fixes, just to make you go to the main dealer?


My main question is are there any underlying reasons why a diesel with 72K miles on it should burn out all it's plugs and should I be looking for something before they go again?