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Mk5 Fiesta Air Bag Light Problem

19 September 2013 - 08:06 PM

I have a mk5 fiesta (2001) 1.25 ghia 5 door


and the air bag light flashed once then went out, then flashed once again then went out again, then stayed on after 5 times of flashing 

I took it to a fords dealer and they hooked it up to a pc and it came back with a faulty clock spring.

i ordered a new one;fitted it this evening, put it all back together again and this time a new air bag flash sequence appeared.

this time it flashes 3 times then goes off, flashes 3 times then goes off and after 5 times of it doing this it stays on constantly 


i googled the flash sequence and this is what i found 



"Three flash cycle: Short to battery plus or ground in section of air bag squib circuit common to both driver and passenger air bag modules"


I haven't got a passenger airbag, just seatbelt pre tensioners and drivers air bag.


what does that quote mean?