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In Topic: Desire Hd Bluetooth Problem

18 July 2011 - 10:20 AM

can you voice dial a name in your car with your HD Desire?????

i have the fiesta titanium 2011 and it wont dial a name from my desire but will dial a spoken number (sony system)

according to the ford mobile site, it says mobile doesnt support name dialling. yet the htc supports name dialling alone

i spoke to HTC and they havent a clue and said its ford that i should be talking to as HTC support many protocols

i find it even strange that the sony system can list the phone numbers, but cannot recognise any name i tell it, just says directory empty even though clearly its not as it displays them

I may go back to my old Nokia 5800 as it is fully supported, saves trying to remember loads of numbers!!

HTC desire
Android 2.2

Mine is the older system rather than the new Sony, but it may well be the same. I've not used Voice dialling on the phone itself but have used the car's system, although its cumbersome to set up. The conversation to set it up is as follows:

Store name
Use this function to store new name abbreviations.
VOICE button /“BEEP“
“STORE NAME (Name)“,
“(phone number)“
“(phone number)“
“STORE NUMBER (phone number)“,

To dial the number you use "Dial Name" - if there aren't any names you will get the Directory empty statement.

I notice that there is also a "Mobile Name" command which I presume is what you need to use a name actually on your phone, but have never tried it.

In Topic: Desire Hd Bluetooth Problem

14 July 2011 - 07:34 AM

Android version

HTC Sense version

Baseband version

Kernel version

Build number

Software number

Hope this helps :)

Thanks for that info. It exactly the same as mine! Not sure whether that suggests its actually something in the hardware that's the problem. I'll get back to HTC and see what they can suggest now.

In Topic: Desire Hd Bluetooth Problem

13 July 2011 - 10:50 AM

You could always try "rooting" the phone then upgrading/changing it's "radio". The radio firmware includes bluetooth. HTC's official 2.3 update has probably updated the radio which is causing the problem. It sounds complicated but once the phone is rooted it's pretty straight forward. If you're interested you'll find instruction for your phone on XDA developers forums.

I am a bit wary of this as it presumably would invalidate any warranty on the phone. I have read that HTC are releasing software officially to do this so think its best to wait if I don't get any further.

Latest is that Ford have updated the software (no charge), and I can now stream music via bluetooth. Unfortunately the problem with phone calls is still exactly the same as before. This must come down to the software on the phone.

iNath - could you post your software versions from the phone please. HTC suggested checking yours and mine to see where there are any differences. I'll get back to HTC with this info and see if they can suggest anything further.

In Topic: Recent Issues With Mk7 Fiesta

11 July 2011 - 09:16 AM

There are occasions where the one touch driver side window is disabled. After removing the battery and other things.

There is a simple fix for it which I read on these forums but have forgotten at the moment. :/

Found it; open the windows fully and keep the switch held down for five seconds, then pull the switch to close the window and keep it held for five seconds. Repeating this two or three tines should reset the one touch function.

Thanks - I've had the same problem and this solved it. I had to try it a few times but got there in the end. I do wonder why this works - it seems very strange!

In Topic: Desire Hd Bluetooth Problem

07 July 2011 - 01:59 PM

Just an update - I went into the dealers and one of the car salesmen let me have a go in a similar Fiesta - from what he said the newer ones have a different sound system so not really worth trying. The phone behaved exactly the same as in mine, although I don't think he was certain whether that particular car has had the update or not!

Following this I sent my phone back to HTC. It arrived back today and is just the same as it was before. I've telephoned and they said all they really do is reflash the ROM and test it connects to Bluetooth devices. There is apparently no way to roll back to the previous version of Android.

Anyway, I've now booked the car in for the update next Wednesday - think it is a warrant repair although the service bloke went on about if the update wasn't the problem it may not be covered! I'll report back after then.