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Coolant Temp Gauge Reading Too Low?

23 November 2015 - 09:07 PM



I have a Focus mk2 2.0 auto.

I've noticed that the temperature gauge never really gets to the mid point (normal) of the gauge.

The temperature range is 60-120 degrees and the highest it gets to whilst driving is the dash between 60 and 90, so about 75.

If I put the blowers on it can drop lower.


I drove back from work today which was 14 miles and it didn't go above 75 until I got home and parked up idling for a while which then caused it rise to half way (90).

Then if I drive off again it will go back down.


My previous car was a 1.4 mk6 Fiesta which had a digital coolant gauge which always reached 'normal' after about 2 miles.


Also my fuel consumption isn't that good at the moment (averaging 26.5 - 28.5 mpg).

I knew a 2.0 auto would be quite poor on fuel, but I was expecting at least low 30's considering my commute is a reasonable distance.

Could this be caused by the coolant not reaching optimum temperature?


Any help would be much appreciated.