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Battery Light Lit When Idle Only

14 November 2012 - 07:22 PM

Evening all,

First time I've seen this on my car. When idling the battery light comes on to indicate the battery is not being charged. The light goes off as soon as any pressure is applied to the accelerator (even when not in gear). I assume it is either the battery or the alternator, am I correct? Any advice much appreciated.



One Thing After Another!

10 May 2012 - 08:03 AM

On my commute in to Sheffield this morning some kerb stones decided to fly off the back of a not very well loaded skip lorry and under my Focus at 70mph! Suffice to say it could have been worse, Would have been nice for the lorry driver to stop though.

2 buckled Alloys on near side. Ford wanted £145+ vat, Managed to pick 2 pristine Ford alloys with brand new Pirelli P6000 tyres up from fleabay for £60 the pair.

So this month thats been Handbrake cable, Rear shoes and cylinders, Exhaust back box, Rear drop links, 2 new Alloys and 2 new tyres. Anything else?

Just A Handbrake Cable - I Wish!

21 April 2012 - 05:33 PM

Got out the car last night to hear the horrible "Ger-Dunk" sound of the handbrake cable snapping, Turned around to see the car gently rolling down our hill. Luckily mananged to get to it before any damage could be done.

Took it in today to find that the reason that the handbrake cable had snapped is because the rear brake cylinders had been leaking brake fluid onto the cable every time i used the brake and this had also caused damage to the rear brake shoes!

So...Handbrake cable replaced, Rear wheel cylinders replaced, Rear shoes and kit replaced £255 all in inc' vat. I had no choice but to pay this but what are your thoughts on the price?

Also he quality tested the car and gave me 2 MOT Fails and a few advisories. The fails are the exhaust back box needs replacing and the rear drop links need to be replaced. I've found a guide on the net that suggests the car doesn't even need to be jacked up to do the drop links here: http://fordfocusworl...php?f=25&t=1386

My questions are is the back box easy to replace? And what does anyone with a bit of knowhow think the cost of an independent doing these 2 jobs are?

Any help appreciated as always, All the best.

Gear Lever Return Spring - Mk1 Focus 1.8

04 February 2012 - 12:45 PM

Gear lever wont return to central position from left side (between 1st and 2nd) but returns to central position perfectly from right side (between 5th and Reverse). Have been told its an easy enough repair to replace this "gear lever return spring" by removing gear lever gaiter and centre console, Even managed to find a decent guide with pictures on another forum.

Question is, Where's the cheapest place to buy the part and would anyone know the part number? I contacted ford but the bloke didn't seem to know what I meant and was trying to sell me the entire Assembly of the gear lever.

Any help much appreciated as usual, Cheers.