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In Topic: Fix Advice On Focus St

26 September 2013 - 04:56 PM

Lenny on here did a typically thorough guide on how to put the car into storage, really covers all the bases so I suggest you have a read through the link below if you're seriously thinking about it.



That's really useful cheers.

As for the other issues...


I'd say ebay/breakers would be your best bet for the airbag cover or even a complete steering wheel. By the way, who did what to warrant a horn press like that?! :lol:

Some idiot driving on the wrong side of the road, didn't realise I could damage it that easily!




And the seats...I have half leather with cloth in the centre of base and back and fine any wet at all leaves a stain. I regularly use an interior cleaner (no specific one, just whatever foam type one with the plastic brush lid is on offer at the time!) but at times I just couldn't be arsd as they seem to stain again no time at all!


Yeah that definitely do stain quite easily!!



clean it all up and sell it for piece of mind. the cars value will lower over the year and you dont have to worry about it being stolen either.

I think that may be a serious option, could save a lot of hassle as you say



The airbag cover is not available as a replacement part from ford.


There are some Asian manufacturers which produces the airbag covers for several car manufacturers. Some of them will sell replacement covers also (for about €40,-). If I am right the following link will be the cover for the 3-spoke steering wheel you need.



That's brilliant, just what I need for that.


Would it be wise to refit myself or do I risk breaking my nose and having a deployed airbag?