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Dodgy Mk1.5 Tdci

30 June 2014 - 06:12 PM


I've bought what I now think is a dodgy Focus TDCI from a dodgy trader in Essex. Sadly I rushed as I was desperate for a car!

I tested the car (03 Plate Tdci 65K Miles) and it was acceptable. Bit of a lumpy start but I put this down to sitting in a lockup for a few months. As I said it was acceptable on my 3 or 4 mile test drive. 

I purchased it for 1.1k thinking the car would suit me for a few months.

On the drive home, after about ten miles, the car cut out with the glow plug light flashing and it wouldn't start up again without a huge amount of cranking. Finally did but cut out again so got recovered.


Today I've ordered a cam position sensor and popped the car on diagnostics. Bearing in mind I've used it a month ago to connect to another identical car, the diagnostics refused to connect with the error: No vehicle response.. (although it saw the data bus as ok.). Finally the fuel gauge keeps mysteriously going up and down.

The car starts after nearly ten seconds cranking and eventually settles to an acceptable idle.


I feel totally ripped off and don't think the trader was genuine so I wouldn't be able to return the car for a repair! I have no idea who or what he was trading as and I was stupid not to have found this out but I'm on my 15th car over time and have never been ripped off before!

Hope someone can advise what to do please?

New Member! New Problems!

26 September 2013 - 10:46 AM

I'm a new member as I just bought a 2007 fiesta!
Sadly the car has a minor problem with the screen wash.
It doesn't work and after a quick Google this seems to be fairly common.
The motor doesn't run nor do I get any voltage across the feed to the motor
The wipers work fine.
Any ideas folks?

Checked fuse as standard but there only seems to be a fuse for the wipers.

Thanks in advance!