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In Topic: My First Ford =] & Hi Everyone!

06 November 2013 - 07:29 PM

Been too busy with Uni! Not been on this for a while! Keep changing my mind on how to make the car look <_<


Tempted to get a set of coilovers and a set of White Cades Berns and WRC Mudflaps rather than 40mm drop and ST Alloys.

Thoughts on this anyone?! :rolleyes:


Here are some random shots I took yesterday at uni anyway and the alloys Im contemplating :ph34r:

Attached File  cades bern.jpg   7.67KB   14 downloads


Attached File  no reg 1.jpg   204.93KB   14 downloads


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In Topic: My First Ford =] & Hi Everyone!

26 September 2013 - 08:29 PM

Hi and welcome to the forums


Nice to see more people getting rid of their rubbish Vauxhalls.


The focus looks smart already. Looking forward to see how the car evolves  :)  Keep us updated

Cheers buddy! Yeah it was about time I moved on lol.

Loving it! Few plans yet to come, forgot to mention the front Ford badge will be blue and white which will hopefully be complimented with white calipers once I've done the alloys =)

Although it will be slow progress due to university!


Hi welcome :)

Hello! :rolleyes: