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Ford Focus 2006 - Dashboard Warning Lights

27 September 2013 - 05:29 PM

Own a Ford Focus Mk2, 56 plate 1.4l petrol, 18k miles. Purchased second hand a few months ago. No problems up until this week, when numerous warning lights would appear on the instrument cluster, and sometimes it would go into limp / restricted mode.


I drove the car home (~ 2 miles). Part way, a number of warning lights on the dashboard lit up; engine warnings lights - both amber + red, ABS, battery, oil and a few others.  Rev counter + speed needles drop to zero, and the odometer just displays dashes on both the trip + total mileage.


Pulled over, switched the vehicle off and restarted a few minutes later.  Two engine lights remain on.


A few minutes later, did the exact same thing, except this time it was enough to put it into limp home mode (low revs, sluggish etc).


Got it home, switched the vehicle off and restarted a few minutes later. Just the amber engine warning light appeared.


I checked the dashboard DTC codes, which gave me:

E197:Invalid data for vehicle speed (Invalid CAN message)
E200: Invalid data for odometer (Invalid CAN message)
D900: CAN communication. Bus fault receive error
E510: Missing or invalid security data to PCM


Took the car into Ford for a diagnostic - they came back and said there was a single fault code pointing to the TPS / accelerator pedal position sensor.  However, they couldn't reproduce the fault and kept the vehicle overnight to try it again on Friday morning.  Still couldn't cause any lights to come up on the dash or for it to go into limp mode.


Not surprisingly when I picked the car up and turned on the ignition, within 30 seconds the warning lights come up - exact same symptoms as above.  Hadn't even put the car in gear or touched the accelerator. Turned it off, then on again, and the warning lights still come up.  Depending on it's mood, sometimes most of the warning lights come up, other times it's just:

- Engine cog

- Engine



They're now keeping the car and will re-diagnose over the weekend with their equipment.


I know there are countless threads here and elsewhere about these problems.  On older vehicles the instrument cluster was a known issue, but this doesn't apply to Mk2's.  Is this just a TPS problem or something else?  I'm surprised a faulty TPS would cause the instrument cluster to go crazy like it does.  Is there anything else to check?  


Apologies for the essay - hoping that by writing out everything that's happened I might spot a pattern or something stupidly obvious that needs checking!