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Today, 06:33 PM

Ah well mate at least having one built for you makes it that much more special.
Time goes fast will be with you before you know it.

In Topic: Nearly There

Today, 05:47 PM

Hi tomo
The dealer found one for me lurking in their compound for me.
Exact spec I wanted in spirit 'phil' blue so only a 4 week wait for the new reg.
Could be some ready built for you if you look about and can't wait lol.

In Topic: Nearly There

Today, 05:00 PM

Good on you mate, enjoy.
It's taken a lot of years for me to be able to get a brand new car like the st 3 im getting your time will come.
Good luck with the new car.

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Today, 04:07 PM

Not the best deal tbh mate, gave me more than the trade in for the zetec s plus the 750 deposit allowance.

Alway more expensive in the south sadly but as I can't really travel due to work etc I had to do the best I could locally.

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Today, 02:07 PM

Luckily my dealers is 2 minutes down the road.