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#297629 New Fiesta, Underpowered?

Posted by Tynesider on 17 October 2013 - 08:35 PM

Hi FOCA, that's good info to know and I only wish I had read that somewhere before I purchased it, and is it posted anywhere else thats easy to find?

Saying that, I am not a car person and I know naff all about them. I did do my homework as far as I could by going to various good websites such as Whatcar.com and they all give the Fiesta's top marks and that's where people like me who know little about cars go to for advice.

#297344 New Fiesta, Underpowered?

Posted by Tynesider on 16 October 2013 - 07:18 PM

I had the 1.25 (an 11 Reg), and I also went down from the ZetecS, and I found the same as you.  It's ok once up to speed, and goes along very nicely, but going up a steep hill was embarassing at times !!  I would avoid them if I possibly could.  I also found that putting your foot hard down did no good.  When I was going up a long, steadily climbing hill, then I found that if I eased my foot up a wee bit, it picked up speed (strangely enough !), but nothing but going down gears helps on a steep hill i'm afraid.    


Anyway, I was very nervous at the thought of a 1.0 litre Fiesta after my 1.25 experience, but I have to say, the new engine is FAR superior, and I love it.   Might be a plan to hold on to your 1.25 for a year or so and then change to the new EcoBoost engine.  I just love driving it and hills aren't an issue now !!


Good luck with it, and i'm sure that once you are more used to your car you will like it a bit better.  :)

I really like the car when not going up hill and my wife thinks its great,so with a bit of luck in a few months I might tempt her to take it and I can get myself something better.....I will start on convincing her from today lol