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In Topic: ! Guide ! Fitting A 12V Socket In The Boot Mk7

31 October 2013 - 08:10 PM

hah probing around at 12v wont cause you much harm, just make sure your meter isnt on amp mode or you will notice your test leads getting very hot very quickly and smoke pouring from your meter ;)

Its worth noting there were two sockets for a fuse on my "fuse tap" One is a fuse for the circuit you are adding, and the other replaces the fuse in the fusebox. This allows you to take a tap from a circuit even if it is in use. You just have to make sure you install an appropriatley rated fuse for each circuit.

In Topic: ! Guide ! Fitting A 12V Socket In The Boot Mk7

31 October 2013 - 07:39 PM

Hi what fuse position did you use mate....


I want one that's always on manual says I have a few free can I use them



like 20,22,30,31 are not used ..which one have you used any help for a novice would be much appreciated thank you


I went with what looks to be number 22 in the manual. I simply probed around the empty sockets with a multimeter (ground connected to chassis) to find a +12v with the ignition off. Oddly in the manual #22 is listed as "cigar lighter, front power point".. Which you would think would already have a fuse in it seeing as my front cigar lighter works...


Here are a few pics of the fusebox with the fuse tap installed, and where I mounted the socket: http://imgur.com/a/DMKdu



In Topic: ! Guide ! Fitting A 12V Socket In The Boot Mk7

13 October 2013 - 02:04 PM

Nice write up!

I started this on my car (after promising myself i would not mod it :P) and installed the socket in roughly the same place. I had mounted it on the bottm facing part of that panel so it was hidden out of view.

Those fuse taps are very neat! Just what I was looking for to make the electrical connection instead of ripping up the entire console to tap off the existing socket.

I will put some pics up when the fuse tap comes and I can finish it off :)



In Topic: My New Ford

10 October 2013 - 03:20 PM

Hi again!


Thanks for the nice replies guys, this seems to be a very friendly forum :)


As for the car I am getting on well with it, lovley and comfortable to drive. I really do feel for these fiestas you get a great car for your money.


I made a few silly mods to my old 99 fiesta as I am quite into my electronics. However I have promised myself not to ruin this one!