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#301286 ! Guide ! Fitting A 12V Socket In The Boot Mk7

Posted by ooda55 on 31 October 2013 - 07:39 PM

Hi what fuse position did you use mate....


I want one that's always on manual says I have a few free can I use them



like 20,22,30,31 are not used ..which one have you used any help for a novice would be much appreciated thank you


I went with what looks to be number 22 in the manual. I simply probed around the empty sockets with a multimeter (ground connected to chassis) to find a +12v with the ignition off. Oddly in the manual #22 is listed as "cigar lighter, front power point".. Which you would think would already have a fuse in it seeing as my front cigar lighter works...


Here are a few pics of the fusebox with the fuse tap installed, and where I mounted the socket: http://imgur.com/a/DMKdu