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In Topic: 2011 Smax Occasional Knocking Noise - Video Inside!

07 October 2013 - 10:26 PM

Maybe we don't need a fix after all, it could be the dpf regeneration (didn't know what that was until a few minutes ago) manual says we shouldn't park above dry leaves while this function is on - we could set ourselves to fire ;-) unfortunately they forgot to couple an icon to it on the converse interface.. Other than higher consumption at idle and someone confirming "oh yes, that's the regen" us newbies don't have a clue ;-)

In Topic: 2011 Smax Occasional Knocking Noise - Video Inside!

06 October 2013 - 07:21 PM

Well yes that was our first investigation too. The fan who continues to blow on arrival for a while stopped and than the knocking stopped as well. I have seen many similar situations (youtube : knocking, inside, behind dashboard) attributed to the "blend door actuator" who controls the intake of exterior air into a/c system and sits somewhere behind the glovebox. Fairly simple and cheap to remediate. 360 days of waranty left to find out ;-)

In Topic: 2011 Smax Occasional Knocking Noise - Video Inside!

04 October 2013 - 08:25 PM

hi, did you get an update from this. Mine seems to have the same problem. Drove home with my new second hand s-max (2.0 tdci titanium automatic gear, 2010) and on arrival (party killer), at idle, it had this faint knocking noise. Didn't have it at any other time during the 140km drive. Didn't have it when I drove it today. Like you mentionned you hear it mainly from the inside. Not sure if it followed the revs with us. It was gone on its own some time after we turned of the A/C and/or the motor ventilator stopped, so not sure which of the two would have contributed to it stopping.