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Features Of Bluetooth / Sync..?

05 October 2013 - 11:50 AM



I joined the forum so I could ask this as I can't find the answers I need anywhere!


Some info or advice would be greatly appreciated!


I want to buy a new-ish Fiesta Titanium, up to 2/3 years old, but I'm completely confused as to the differences between the new 2013 (UK) Fiesta and 2012/11/10 versions - specifically with Bluetooth/Ford Sync.


I believe the 2013 Fiesta was the first to have 'Sync', but looking at pre-2013 Fiestas for sale it seems some have Bluetooth features and some don't, is this an upgrade thing..?


I was interested in Sync for its ability to make calls, read texts, play music, for the voice control and very keen on the DAB radio and Sony Navigation, but I'm struggling to find more information on Bluetooth in pre-2013 Fiestas. What I really want to know is do all Titaniums come with Bluetooth, and what does it do? How does it compare to Sync and what are the differences..?